AGA Forecasts 68M Americans to Bet $23.1B on the Big Game

Quick Intro

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has released findings from a new survey on Super Bowl LVIII, revealing an anticipated surge in betting. An estimated 68 million Americans, or 26% of the adult population, are expected to place bets totaling $23.1 billion on the event, marking a significant rise from last year’s $16 billion. This increase is largely due to more states legalizing sports betting.

Exploring Betting Predictions

The AGA’s survey, which sampled 2,204 adults, projects that 42.7 million American adults will engage in traditional sports betting through online platforms, retail sportsbooks, or bookies, a 41% jump from 2023. Additionally, about 36.5 million people are expected to participate in informal betting with friends or in pools, showing a 32% increase from the previous year.

Legal sports betting operators are gaining popularity, with an estimated 28.7 million adults planning to use regulated US sportsbooks. The survey also found a nearly even split in team support, with 47% betting on the Kansas City Chiefs and 44% on the San Francisco 49ers.

Emphasizing Player Protection

AGA President and CEO Bill Miller stressed the growing interest in betting and the consequent need for robust player protection measures. He highlighted that the AGA is committed to enhancing responsible gambling initiatives, noting that 75% of Super Bowl bettors have encountered responsible gambling messages. Furthermore, nearly half of all American adults have seen or heard a responsible gambling advertisement in the past year, an increase from 40% in 2022.

In a special Super Bowl week initiative, Miller will team up with former NFL star and current Fox Sports host Mark Ingram II to discuss the state of US sports betting and advocate for safer gambling practices. Ingram expressed enthusiasm for legal sports betting’s ability to amplify fan excitement and urged responsible wagering.

Currently, sports betting is legal in 38 states and Washington DC, making legal betting options available to over 67% of American adults. This widespread accessibility underscores the importance of responsible gambling education and resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable betting environment for all participants.

The Expanding Landscape of Legal Sports Betting

The remarkable growth in sports betting, highlighted by the AGA’s projection of $23.1 billion in bets for Super Bowl LVIII, underscores the evolving landscape of legal sports wagering in the United States. With sports betting now legal in 38 states plus Washington DC, the accessibility for over two-thirds of American adults marks a significant shift towards regulated betting. This expansion not only reflects changing societal attitudes but also emphasizes the importance of promoting responsible gambling practices amidst this burgeoning betting culture.