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BetMGM Extends NHL Collaboration to Feature League-Themed Casino Games

Quick Intro

The renowned US online gambling company, BetMGM, together with the National Hockey League (NHL), have recently announced the continuation of their multi-year partnership in North America.

It was just over eighteen months ago when the NHL entered into its inaugural sports betting collaboration with BetMGM. This partnership marked the league’s first official venture into US sports betting, alongside a similar agreement with FanDuel, which subsequently expanded into the Canadian market.

Enhancing Hockey Fan Engagement with BetMGM’s New Initiatives

As the league’s designated official sports betting and gaming partner, BetMGM is set to:

  • Develop exclusive VIP experiences for hockey fans.
  • Employ NHL team and league imagery in crafting bespoke, league-themed casino games.
  • Gain prominent exposure during national television broadcasts.
  • BetMGM’s camera-visible signage will be prominently featured throughout the NHL’s regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs. This includes digital advertising elements like Digitally
  • Enhanced Dasherboards, showcasing the League’s innovative approach to dynamic dasherboard advertising, and virtual slot advertisements integrated within the ice.

Adam Greenblatt, CEO of BetMGM, expressed enthusiasm in a company press release:

“We’re thrilled about our extended partnership with the NHL. This extension allows us to further refine the BetMGM product and provide our fans with extraordinary experiences centered around their beloved game.

With the NHL at its most exciting – a breathtaking display of athleticism, teamwork, and ice-skating prowess – we’re eager to offer our customers unique live experiences and enrich our app with new, in-app content tailored for BetMGM users.”

BetMGM Casino Debuts the First Online Slot Endorsed by the NHL

This announcement follows closely on the heels of BetMGM online casino’s introduction of the first-ever NHL-endorsed online slot game. The NHL Gold Blitz slot was launched in New Jersey on December 6.

Although this slot is a recent addition, NHL-branded table games have been featured in BetMGM’s online casino collection for over a year.

Additionally, the renewed agreement between the companies also encompasses a component focused on responsible gaming education. Both entities are actively involved as official partners in the American Gaming Association’s Have A Game Plan initiative. This program is dedicated to promoting responsible sports betting practices among both new and experienced players.

Jason Jazayeri, NHL’s vice president of business development, shared his excitement:

“We’re incredibly excited about our continued partnership with BetMGM. The progression of our relationship with BetMGM will center on crafting unique and engaging fan experiences, event activations, and media programming. All these efforts are aimed at delivering novel and interactive ways for our fans to connect and immerse themselves in the sport they ardently follow.”

Final Thoughts

The extended partnership between BetMGM and the NHL signifies a new era in sports betting and fan engagement. By integrating innovative gaming experiences with hockey’s excitement, this collaboration promises to enhance the way fans interact with the sport, offering unique and immersive opportunities that go beyond traditional betting. This strategic alliance not only expands the sports betting landscape but also reinforces the commitment to responsible gaming, setting a precedent for future collaborations in the industry.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/betmgm-and-national-hockey-league-announce-multi-year-north-american-partnership-extension-302018448.html


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