BetOnNY, a New Marketing Campaign for New York's Online Casino Industry, Goes Live<br />

Quick Intro

Bet on NY,” “,” and “BetOnNY” are all part of an ongoing online casino legalization campaign gaining visibility across New York. Launched on Jan. 2 with a 30-second YouTube commercial, this campaign directs viewers to, a key part of this multi-channel initiative. However, the campaign has some noticeable omissions.

Significantly, it doesn’t mention any specific iGaming bill. On Jan. 8, state Sen. Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. revealed in an interview his plans to introduce a 2024 online casino and lottery bill shortly. This announcement was closely followed by increased industry attention towards the “Bet on NY” campaign on Jan. 10.

The commercial highlights New York’s budget deficit, suggesting iGaming revenue as a potential solution to avoid tax increases or cuts in public services. Yet, the website primarily focuses on the revenue benefits of legalizing online casino gambling, diverging from the commercial’s emphasis on fiscal problems.

BetOnNY: A Significant Initiative

This campaign marks a crucial start, particularly for the Sports Betting Alliance, involving prominent members like BetMGM, DraftKings, Fanatics Sportsbook, and FanDuel. These companies currently run mobile sportsbooks in New York and are showing a unified front in advocating for iGaming legalization.

Addabbo, echoing his sentiments from 2023, stresses the need for wider support in this initiative, beyond just himself and Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow. Howard Glaser of Light and Wonder (LNW) echoed this on Jan. 10, emphasizing the industry’s potential to contribute significantly to critical state needs without raising taxes and to effectively counter illegal internet gambling.

The “Bet on NY” phrase, previously used for legalizing online sportsbooks, reflects a consistent effort, with mobile sports betting having launched in the state on Jan. 8, 2022.

Getting Set Up with a Vermont Sportsbook App

Legal online sports betting, governed by federal and state laws, stipulates that each bettor must have an individual account and limit it to one per sportsbook. Additionally, Vermont mandates a minimum age of 21 for bettors.

To register, download the respective app for your Android or iOS device. Once installed, follow the instructions to set up your account.

If you’re already a user of these apps in another state, you can log in with your existing credentials in Vermont. You need to register separately for each different sportsbook you wish to use in the state.

The sportsbooks are required to verify your identity for compliance with anti-money laundering and age verification regulations. This will involve providing your full legal name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and other personal details.

Once your account is set up, you’ll need to deposit funds to start betting. This might be the moment when sportsbooks present you with bonuses, so keep an eye out for any relevant emails or notifications.

Prospective Enhancements to the Campaign

Future adjustments to the campaign could include details from the upcoming online casino and lottery bill by Addabbo and Pretlow.

However, the current site contains a noticeable typo in its opening paragraph, which could impact its credibility, especially considering New York’s highly educated population. Precise and professional communication will be key to effectively engaging this audience.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to send a pre-written message to their elected officials, advocating for the legalization of iGaming in New York, highlighting the potential tax revenue benefits for state schools.

An additional challenge is the campaign’s online visibility, particularly in competing with unrelated search results for “betony,” a common plant. The campaign currently trails in search engine presence, a gap it will need to bridge to reach a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

“Bet on NY” marks a pivotal step in New York’s online casino legalization efforts, spearheaded by the Sports Betting Alliance and key industry players. While the campaign smartly addresses New York’s fiscal challenges and potential revenue gains from iGaming, it faces challenges in messaging clarity and online visibility. This initiative underscores the growing momentum and industry support for expanding legal online gambling in New York, poised to shape the state’s legislative and economic landscape.