BGaming Launches 3 King Scratch Game

Quick Intro

Dive into the royal realm of instant win games with BGaming’s latest creation, 3 Kings Scratch, a majestic addition to their renowned scratch card portfolio. This casual yet captivating game combines the traditional thrill of scratch cards with a regal twist, offering players a unique three-in-one gaming experience alongside convenient features like Autoplay and Turbo modes, and the opportunity to purchase discounted packs.

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A Trio of Royal Opportunities

At the heart of 3 Kings Scratch are three distinct games, color-coded as Green, Purple, and Red, each presenting different bet values and playing layouts that players can effortlessly switch between during gameplay. Initially, players are greeted with an identical field across all titles, where they are bestowed with three random symbols for the round. Achieving victory is straightforward: if any of these symbols match those in the second, larger playing field, the player secures a win, with payout values conveniently revealed beneath each symbol.

The Green game, offering the most accessible entry point, presents a 4×3 grid, catering to those seeking a simpler layout with substantial winning possibilities. The Purple game broadens the landscape to a 4×4 grid, offering a balanced mix of challenge and opportunity. For those aiming for the highest rewards, the Red game provides an expansive 5×4 grid, significantly enhancing the prospects of landing a winning combination.b

3 Kings Scratch Game

3 Kings Scratch Game

Enhanced Gameplay Features

BGaming has enriched the 3 Kings Scratch experience with the addition of Autoplay and Turbo modes, catering to the preferences of various players. With Autoplay, the game automatically reveals the symbols on each card, streamlining the gameplay for those who prefer a hands-off approach. Turbo mode accelerates the action, swiftly moving through a predetermined number of cards and pausing only to highlight wins, perfect for players seeking a faster-paced experience.

Despite its very high volatility, 3 Kings Scratch promises an engaging experience with a 90% Return to Player (RTP) rate and the chance to achieve wins with a maximum multiplier of x20,000, presenting a tempting proposition for those chasing significant payouts.

Savings with Buy Packs Discount

In an innovative move, BGaming has introduced a Buy Packs discount feature, allowing players to save up to 25% on the cost of scratch cards when purchasing in bundles of 10, 50, or 100. This appealing option not only enhances the value of each play but also encourages longer gaming sessions, providing more opportunities to uncover the treasures hidden within the royal-themed symbols.

3 Kings Scratch Game

3 Kings Scratch stands out in BGaming’s portfolio as a casual title that bridges the gap between traditional scratch card enthusiasts and those drawn to the allure of royal riches. Its straightforward gameplay, coupled with the chance to switch between different game types and benefit from discounted bulk purchases, makes it a must-try for anyone looking to explore the world of online casual gaming with a touch of regal flair.