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BitofGold Logo

Quick Intro

BitofGold, a sweepstakes casino exclusively for cryptocurrency, emerged from the enigmatic team that brought us BitBetWin and BitPlay. They entice players with a generous $20 no deposit bonus, and if you join their Telegram channel, there’s an additional $10 up for grabs. With over 300 games on offer, you’ll find options from leading sweepstakes platforms such as Fire Kirin and Juwa. Dive into a myriad of gaming experiences, from video slots and fish games to blackjack and beyond.

However, it’s important to tread with caution here. Despite its appealing bonuses, BitofGold raises eyebrows with its opacity regarding ownership, an inadequately designed website, exceedingly generous bonus terms, and unproven game offerings. It’s a combination that warrants skepticism about the platform’s reliability.

For those still contemplating a leap into BitofGold’s world or merely intrigued about its operations, our detailed guide is just around the corner. We’ll meticulously dissect BitofGold’s promotional codes, delve into their varied promotions, including their no deposit bonuses, scrutinize their gaming software, and unveil the secrets to securing free money. Dive in with us!

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2023
  • 🏢 Company: N/A.
  • 💳 Reload Methods:  BTC, Doge, ( Buy Crypto via Visa, MasterCard )
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Rademtption: $50
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: 0-72 Hours
  • 🎰 Games: Slots, Table games, Video Poker, Arcade, Classic games, Jackpots, Fish Games

BitofGold.cc Casino

🎁 Free $20 on Signup

No deposit offer

Pros & Cons


  • Generous no deposit bonus of $20.
  • Extensive range of promotional offers.
  • Vast collection of games from various sweepstakes platforms.
  • A unique sweepstakes model available to residents of 48 US states.
  • Low age restriction of 18 years.


  • Lack of transparency regarding ownership and licensing.
  • Restrictive payment methods – only Bitcoin and Doge accepted.
  • Absence of verified game RTPs.
  • The unpolished and hastily designed website, indicative of possible unreliability.

Is BitofGold Legit?

With its vast game selection and tempting bonuses, BitofGold.cc easily captivates the eyes. However, delving deeper, there are glaring concerns. The platform’s obscured ownership details, lack of licensing, and non-transparent gaming offers paint a picture of potential unreliability. While Trustpilot remains silent about this casino, the evident red flags can’t be ignored. For players seeking a trustworthy sweepstakes casino, options like Sweeptastic, Stake.us, Pulsz Bingo, McLuck, WOW Vegas, and High 5 emerge as safer alternatives. Always prioritize transparency and proven trustworthiness when choosing a platform to play.

BitofGold.cc Bonus Without Deposit

Grabbing the BitofGold no deposit bonus is straightforward. Skip searching for a promo code and simply register. Then, shoot an email to info@bitofgold.cc, and they’ll credit you with a free $20.

Want an extra $10? Just hop onto BitofGold’s Telegram channel.

Oddly enough, they don’t specify any game limits for these bonuses. A $30 no deposit offer does raise an eyebrow. Be alert, especially since they’ve omitted any mention of wagering requirements.

BitofGold No Deposit Bonus

BitofGold No Deposit Bonus

BitofGold.cc Bonuses and Promotions

Dive into BitofGold, and you’ll find a cornucopia of bonuses and promotional credits. However, the real deal behind their legitimacy remains a topic of discussion. Let’s delve into the varied promotions and casino bonus offerings available at BitofGold:

  1. No Deposit Welcome Bonus: Secure a neat $20 just by signing up and verifying your account. Good news? There’s no need for a bonus code!
  2. Telegram Connection Bonus: Fancy an extra $10? Just connect with BitofGold on their Telegram channel. To claim the bonus, drop an email to customer support.
  3. First-Time Deposit Bonus: Dive in with your first deposit, and you’ll be greeted with a 50% deposit match, sweetened with a complimentary $10. No hustle of entering a promo code – it’s automatic!
  4. Bonuses on 2nd & 3rd Deposits: Consistency has its rewards! On your 2nd and 3rd deposits, you’ll earn an additional 20% on your funds, alongside an extra $15. Again, no need for bonus codes.
  5. Birthday Special Bonus: Celebrate your special day with BitofGold! Make a deposit on your birthday, and they’ll boost it with a 50% match.
  6. Happy Hour Delight: An early bird? Deposit between 6 am and 10 am daily and enjoy a 50% deposit match, making your mornings even more exciting.
  7. Bring a Buddy Bonus: Sharing is caring! When you introduce a friend who signs up using your referral link and deposits at least $20, both of you receive $10.
  8. Social Media Extravaganza: A fan of social media? BitofGold has surprises on their platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter. Stay tuned, follow their instructions, and you might just stumble upon exclusive promotional codes and other enticing offers.
  9. Daily Login Bonus: Spin the Wheel and get amazing rewards.

Always stay informed and make sure you’re getting the best value for your time and money!

BitofGold.cc Promotions

BitofGold.cc Promotions

Insights into BitofGold.cc Promotions and Equivalent Incentives, worthy?

Caution Ahead! It’s hard for us to vouch for BitofGold casino, even with those alluring bonuses. The reliability of this sweepstakes casino is questionable at best. It’s concerning that the proprietors choose to stay hidden, and the offered bonuses, if true, would likely drain their funds in no time.

The website of BitofGold casino seems hasty and unpolished, giving the impression that it might’ve been created on a shoestring budget in just a few hours. Surely, entrusting your funds to a casino that doesn’t prioritize a professional online presence is a risk.

Further intensifying concerns is their restrictive payment method. Only Bitcoin and Doge are available for transactions. Though there are authentic cryptoexclusive online casinos out there, this limited approach raises eyebrows, given the ease with which the unknown operators could vanish, taking your valued cryptocurrency with them.

Another element of doubt arises from their gaming offerings. While a catalog of over 300 games might seem vast, a closer look reveals platforms like Redplay that present games lacking verified RTPs and proper testing. Playing such games seems like an open invitation to part with your money!

It’s best to steer clear of BitofGold. As an alternative, consider checking out Stake.us. By using our provided link, you can grab $1 daily just for logging in. Being operational in 45 US states, Stake.us stands out as a genuine crypto-only sweepstakes platform. Their game selection exceeds 350 titles, and each one has undergone meticulous testing. Their offerings range from slots to live dealer games, with notable providers such as Pragmatic Play, Stake Exclusive, and Hacksaw Gaming.
For those who prefer conventional payment methods,Sweeptastic is a standout choice. With a multitude of payment options, including Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, and online bank transfers, and a turnaround time of just 72 hours for withdrawals, they offer a seamless experience. Dive into their latest slot releases from Betsoft, and don’t miss out on their $2 sign-up bonus when you click through our link!

How to Create an Account

BitofGold simplifies the sign-up process, making it a breeze for you to kickstart your gaming journey and stand a chance to secure genuine cash rewards! To embark on this exciting venture, simply adhere to the following effortless steps:

  • Begin by navigating to the official website: https://bitofgold.cc.
    Locate and gently tap the inviting yellow “Sign Up” button, strategically positioned at the upper right-hand corner of the interface.
  • Provide some fundamental particulars such as your first and last name, mobile number, date of birth, and email address, subsequently conjuring a unique username that resonates with you.
  • Make a choice regarding the gaming platform you wish to engage with.
    Elevate the security of your registration by seamlessly uploading a scanned copy of your identification for identity verification purposes.
  • Confirm the legitimacy of your mobile number to further authenticate your identity.
  • Pave the way for your entrance into the platform by establishing a secure password, thereby safeguarding your account.
  • Once you’ve skillfully completed each step, you’ll find a welcoming surprise awaiting you – a complimentary $20, readily accessible for immediate use.
  • With this monetary boost in your pocket, dive into an array of captivating games hosted on your preferred platform, igniting the thrill of gameplay without delay.
BitofGold.cc Registration Form

BitofGold.cc Registration Form

BitofGold.cc Casino Free Money Bonuses: Who Qualifies?

In a spirited display of its innovative approach, BitofGold adopts the sweepstakes model, extending an open invitation to participants across 48 states in the United States. This inclusive model enables residents to not only register but also seize the opportunity to claim enticing free money bonuses and potentially clinch lucrative cash prizes. Alas, the charm of this opportunity eludes only two states, Idaho and Washington, due to their stringent measures against online casinos offering real money sweepstakes.

Other Free Bonuses at BitofGold.cc

BitofGold employs a captivating array of strategies to captivate and retain their existing players, utilizing a diverse spectrum of bonuses and coupon codes. Within their expansive repertoire of offerings, they ensure an engaging experience by presenting a plethora of incentives, ranging from a daily casino bonus to reload rewards, and even a personalized birthday treat.

Continuing the Flow of Bonuses: 2nd & 3rd Deposit Delights

Even beyond the initial welcome bonus, BitofGold’s generosity persists. As you embark on your gaming journey, your second deposit unfolds an advantageous arrangement: an additional 20% cash infusion, coupled with a delightful gift of $15, entirely complimentary. When your gaming adventure advances to your third deposit, the gratification continues, bestowing upon you an equally enticing 20% extra cash enhancement, accompanied by a splendid offer of $25 in free play. Noteworthy is the absence of unveiled wagering requirements, while the realm of game restrictions remains conspicuously unmentioned, underlying BitofGold’s commitment to providing a transparent and rewarding experience.

Festive Fun with the Birthday Deposit Bonus

Celebrating your birthday takes on a novel dimension at BitofGold. By simply initiating a deposit on your special day, a remarkable 50% deposit match bonus materializes, void of any limit. Nevertheless, prudent consideration is advised, as indulging too fervently at this sweepstakes-based online casino might result in your funds disappearing like a mirage in the desert.

Timing Matters: Happy Hour Bonus

For those who thrive in the late-night realm of gambling, BitofGold ingeniously introduces the Happy Hour Bonus. Aiming to enhance your nocturnal pursuits, this offer blooms between 6 am and 10 am. Precisely within these hours, depositing activates a generous 50% match bonus, evoking the wisdom of seizing this opportune time frame to replenish your account. Any oversight in this temporal selection might inadvertently lead to forsaking potential free funds.

Incentivizing Connections: Refer a Friend Program

BitofGold weaves a social thread, intertwining the gaming community through its Refer a Friend Bonus. Within this ingenious framework, each player receives a unique affiliate link. By inviting friends to partake, and upon their registration and a minimum deposit of $20, both you and your friend bask in a shared reward of $10. Nonetheless, ethical considerations urge caution, preventing you from urging your companions into the BitofGold fold without due circumspection.

A Treasure Trove of Social Media Rewards

The virtual world of BitofGold resonates with constant activity, where social media platforms serve as arenas for spontaneous gratification. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram become canvases for BitofGold’s creative giveaways. Participating involves deciphering puzzles and engaging in games, and as you aptly comment with the correct answer, a splendid cash prize awaits you. Furthermore, exclusive promo codes emerge as keys to unlock instantaneous bonus money, amplifying the allure of BitofGold’s expensive gaming landscape.

BitofGold.cc Slot Games and Providers

BitofGold casino boasts an extensive collection of more than 300 captivating online casino games, providing an alluring smorgasbord of choices for players. What sets them apart is their intriguing business model, characterized by the acquisition of licenses from various sweepstakes gaming platforms, which they subsequently integrate and present within their virtual domain. This innovative approach involves the amalgamation of distinct gaming platforms, each with its independent identity, offering an array of captivating titles that encompass a diverse spectrum, spanning from the excitement of slot games to the allure of video poker, the intrigue of fishing games, and the timeless charm of classic table games. Among these platforms, a plethora of captivating options await:

  • Fire Kirin
  • Blue Dragon
  • Vegas7 Games
  • Redplay
  • Ultrapower Games
  • V Power
  • Vegas-X
  • RiverMonster
  • Orion Stars
  • Milky Way
  • X-Game
  • Ultra Monster
  • Juwa
  • Golden Treasure
  • Flamingo7
  • Vegas Sweeps
  • Casino Wonderland
  • Skillmine
  • Inferno Casino
  • Game Vault
  • Ultra Panda
  • VBlink
  • Admiral

Navigating through this diverse array might evoke unfamiliarity, but rest assured, you’re far from alone in this sentiment. Many of these platforms host in-house games developed by lesser-known software creators who may not have engaged in independent third-party testing. Such creators might opt to close their doors if ever scrutinized by organizations like eCOGRA. The absence of verified published Return to Player (RTP) rates adds a layer of uncertainty to the mix, leaving players in the dark about the potential payout dynamics. Consequently, the question of game fairness and integrity looms, as the absence of transparency raises concerns about the possibility of rigged outcomes.

Amidst this multifaceted landscape, the BitofGold casino experience beckons with its abundance of options, encompassing both excitement and questions that encapsulate the essence of gaming exploration.

Slot Games and Providers at BitofGold

Slot Games and Providers at BitofGold

How to Deposit and Withdraw from BifofGold.cc

At “GoldenBits”, you have the choice to deposit or withdraw through Bitcoin or Doge. It’s essential to know that they exclusively deal with cryptocurrencies, and they don’t accept traditional money. This aspect can be concerning. Such an exclusive focus on crypto means they can potentially bypass tax responsibilities, function from international locations, and sidestep the challenges of transaction disputes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deposit funds into your “GoldenBits” account:

  • Click on the ‘Deposit’ option from the main page.
  • Choose your desired platform and then decide on the dollar amount you’d like to deposit.
  • Click on ‘Cart‘, and then proceed to the next phase of payment.
  • Select ‘Pay using Bitcoin’ and input your email address for confirmation.
  • You’ll see a unique Bitcoin wallet address—make sure to copy it.
  • Access your personal Bitcoin wallet, paste the “GoldenBits” address, and specify the
  • Bitcoin amount you plan to transfer.
  • Finalize the transaction.

Typically, your deposited amount should reflect in your “GoldenBits” account almost instantly. Nevertheless, there could be occasional delays. For instance, if the Bitcoin network faces high traffic, the process might extend to a couple of hours.

And if you’re looking to retrieve your funds from “GoldenBits”, here’s what you do:

  • Click on the ‘Withdraw’ option.
  • Select the platform you’re using.
  • Determine the exact amount you’d like to withdraw.
  • Copy your personal Bitcoin wallet address and paste it into the provided section.
  • Lastly, validate and finalize your transaction.

Final Thoughts

BitofGold.cc presents a vast and intriguing sweepstakes platform with alluring bonuses and a diverse game selection. However, its lack of transparency concerning ownership, licensing, and game fairness casts a shadow over its credibility. Players should approach with caution, given the many red flags. Before committing any funds, it would be wise to consider alternatives with a proven track record of trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Sites Like BitofGold.cc Casino:

What is BitofGold.cc?

  • BitofGold.cc is a sweepstakes casino that deals exclusively with cryptocurrency, offering over 300 games and various bonuses.

How can I get the no deposit bonus at BitofGold.cc?

  • Register at BitofGold, then email info@bitofgold.cc to receive a $20 no deposit bonus. Join their Telegram for an additional $10.

Which cryptocurrencies does BitofGold.cc accept for transactions?

  • BitofGold.cc currently accepts only Bitcoin and Doge for deposits and withdrawals.

Are there any known ownership details for BitofGold.cc?

  • BitofGold.cc has not provided transparent information regarding its ownership, leading to concerns about its legitimacy.

Can I trust the games on BitofGold.cc?

  • While BitofGold.cc offers a wide variety of games from various platforms, the absence of verified RTPs and third-party testing raises concerns about game fairness.

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