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List of Blacklisted Sweepstakes Casinos

Quick Intro

Sweepstakes online casinos serve as a delightful and commendable alternative for gaming enthusiasts across the United States. Operating under the sweepstakes model, these platforms allow you to engage in gameplay without necessitating an initial deposit. Players utilize virtual currencies to delve into games, aiming for free or real money prizes. Consequently, sweepstakes online casino platforms maintain their legal status across the US, with Washington being the sole exception.

However, despite the allure of legitimate sites, there exists a dark underbelly of unscrupulous platforms emerging to exploit unwary players. These deceptive entities can be challenging to identify without the proper insights since some employ subtle tactics to pilfer your deposits.

Our team of experts is here to assist. We conduct thorough reviews of online sweepstakes sites, identifying and blacklisting those engaged in rogue and shady operations. This guide will elucidate the various reasons an online casino might find itself on our blacklist, educate you about blacklisted sweeps online casinos, guide you on how to identify them, detail the factors we consider, and assist you in discovering legitimate online casinos.

Defining Blacklisted Online Casinos?

Blacklisted online casinos refer to those rogue or shady sweepstakes platforms that have earned a spot on our blacklist. These entities, recognized for their unscrupulous practices and provision of unfair games to players, are unsafe. Registering and engaging in sweepstakes games on such platforms can lead to the loss of your deposits or even more severe consequences.

Criterias to Know Which Sweepstakes Casinos are Blacklisted

Sweepstakes online casinos find themselves blacklisted not without cause. Only those platforms exhibiting particular red flags are blacklisted following our meticulous reviews. Below are some characteristics of sites that earn a spot on our blacklist.

Absence of Licensing
Contrary to conventional real-money online casinos, sweeps casino platforms don’t require a license to operate in states where online gambling is legal, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. Nonetheless, they must adhere to specific rules to operate legally. Some pivotal rules include:

  • No requirement for a real money deposit to register and engage in games
  • The operator behind the sweepstakes site must visibly display their registered address on the homepage
  • Direct winning of real money is prohibited
  • Players aiming to play for cash prizes must undergo KYC verification
  • Shady sweepstakes casinos that flout these regulations, thereby violating sweepstakes rules, are deemed illegal in US states and subsequently blacklisted.

Issues with Payouts
One prevalent issue players encounter with rogue casinos is problems with online payments and delayed payouts. Typically, sweepstakes online casinos process payouts within a 24 – 48 hour window.

However, with shady casino sites, it could span weeks, months, or even years before you receive your funds as a winner. Sometimes, they only make partial payments to the player, and in the worst cases, the payment never materializes. Online casinos exhibiting these characteristics are added to our casino blacklist.

Tricky Terms
Terms and conditions are a staple in every sweepstakes online casino, guiding aspects like bonuses and payouts on a site. The terms on online casinos should be comprehensible to players. This is not the case with a blacklisted online casino. Their terms are often opaque and challenging to understand. Sometimes, these rogue casinos alter their terms without notice to back their arguments and exploit players.

A complete absence of terms is the ultimate red flag, as the sweepstake casino can concoct any terms when you attempt to cash out your sweeps coins.

Unfair Gaming Experiences
Reputable online casino-style games, such as online slots and table games from legal sweepstakes sites, incorporate an RNG or Random Number Generator. This RNG ensures that every game outcome is random, assuring that neither the player nor the online casino can manipulate results.

This ensures bettors can anticipate a fair gambling experience upon registration on a site. A scam or shady blacklisted online casino will not adhere to this. Instead, they will offer games without an RNG and manipulate them to their advantage. You’ll find yourself consistently depositing funds and losing to the casino without any returns when you engage in these rigged games.

Limited Information Availability
Shady sweepstakes casinos often provide limited information regarding their owners, bonuses, or game offerings. Legitimate online casinos are transparent about showcasing their offerings to players. A quick internet search will reveal everything about the online casino. You can also check the About Us page for crucial information regarding the terms and conditions. A blacklisted sweepstakes casino conceals this information because their objective is to pilfer your hard-earned resources.

Fake Advertising
Some platforms, like Isabella Sweeps Casino, operate as gaming systems that allow you to play games from various gaming platforms. Other names in this category include BitBetWin, Bitplay.ag, and Sweepstake.Mobi.

The issue with these operators is that they promote games from unlicensed, no-name casino developers. Such games, once common at physical sweepstakes cafes, are notorious for retaining 50% of all bets. They should be avoided at all costs, and players should opt for sweeps casinos with tested and fair games.

Twin Sites
A shady sweepstakes casino often licenses its games to various vendors. These vendors operate through Facebook and other dubious websites featuring numbers like 777 or 888. For example, Mafia777.com is a platform that offers games from different developers and claims to be a sweepstakes site. You’ll also find numerous Facebook Pages like Mafia Sweeps offering games from supposed sweeps casinos like Orion Stars, Riversweep, FireKirin, and Milkyway. This is a shady practice, and platforms like this are added to our list of blacklisted casinos.

Imitations of Official Games
Discovering copies or closely named versions of well-known games on shady sweepstakes sites is common. This is a red flag since it indicates that the sweepstakes casino is merely trying to leverage the actual game’s popularity. Unaware players may end up registering, thinking they are playing the original title, only to find a clone. For instance, you’ll find a slot game titled Book of Ra Deluxe on Riversweeps, which differs from the actual game from Novomatic with the same name

Be Aware

Be Aware

List of Blacklisted Sweepstakes Casinos

Navigating through the myriad of online sweepstakes sites can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the scene. Consequently, our seasoned experts have curated a list of several platforms that have engaged in dubious activities and questionable practices, which you should steer clear of, as detailed below.

It’s imperative to note that this list is perpetually evolving, given the unfortunate reality that numerous operators continue to engage in the unsavory practices we’ve illuminated above. Ensure to bookmark this page to safeguard your online gaming endeavors, particularly when exploring new sweepstakes casinos to participate in.

Blacklisted Criteria

Blacklisted Criteria

Criteria to Recognize Legit Online Casinos?

Having grasped how to discern a blacklisted online casino, the subsequent query is: how does one identify a legitimate sweepstakes site? The process is simpler than it might appear and can be accomplished with a bit of preliminary research prior to registration. Here are several aspects to ponder:

Licensing: Ensure to scrutinize the sweepstakes casino site to verify its licensing status, even though it’s not a mandatory requirement. A credible sweepstakes site might possess a license from a prominent regulatory authority, with its seal conspicuously displayed on the homepage. To affirm this, you might visit the regulatory authority’s website to check if the operator is listed. For example, while Chumba Casino is licensed by the MGA, platforms like Pulsz showcase licensed online casino games from entities like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Any such features should suffice to instill confidence.

Reasonable Bonuses: Every authentic sweepstakes casino will present players with generous bonuses accompanied by equitable wagering requirements. The terms and conditions should also be transparently displayed on the website, providing clear insight into what you’re committing to. If the bonus and terms appear overly favorable, it may be indicative of a scam casino.

Top Providers: A genuine sweepstakes casino will exclusively offer casino-style games from reputable developers, such as Pragmatic play, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Hacksaw, known for their quality and fairness in real-money online casinos. A legitimate sweepstakes casino will proudly feature games from these developers on their homepage.

Fair Gaming Practices: Legitimate sweepstakes casino sites incorporate a Random Number Generator to assure that games are predicated on skill or luck, signaling that the website is secure for playing either freely or for real money prizes.

Reliable Payment Options: A hallmark of a legitimate sweepstakes casino is the provision of trustworthy deposit and withdrawal options. Are renowned brands like Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal available? If so, this is indicative of the casino’s legitimacy, as these brands do not associate with fraudulent operators. Unscrupulous and rogue casino sites typically offer unreliable payment options with the ulterior motive of pilfering your resources.

Positive Reviews: Legitimate sweepstakes casinos will accrue positive reviews from previous players on various review platforms. A quick internet search revealing positive experiences from numerous players signals the casino’s legitimacy. Fraudulent sweepstakes sites will either have scant information or be linked to dubious owners.

Reliable Customer Support: Lawful online casino sites prioritize customer assistance, providing various channels for support, such as 24/7 live chat, email, and social media handles. The team should be readily available to address any of your concerns at any time of the day.

GEO Oriented Rules: Strict Terms and Conditions that comply with the legal framework across all USA states.

Legit Sweepstakes Casinos

Legit Sweepstakes Casinos

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of online sweepstakes casinos can be a thrilling yet daunting adventure, especially with the existence of both legitimate and blacklisted platforms. While genuine sites offer a safe and enjoyable gaming experience, blacklisted ones pose significant risks to players, from unfair gaming practices to potential loss of deposits. Always prioritize platforms that showcase transparency, fair gaming, and a solid reputation in the gaming community. Remember, your safety and gaming satisfaction are paramount, and choosing the right platform is the first step towards a delightful gaming journey.

How can I identify a blacklisted sweepstakes casino?

Blacklisted casinos often exhibit red flags like lack of licensing, payout issues, tricky terms and conditions, unfair gaming practices, limited information availability, and negative reviews from players.

What are some known blacklisted sweepstakes casinos?

Some blacklisted platforms include BitBetWin, Orion Stars, Riversweeps, and Vegas-x, among others. Always check our updated list to stay informed.

How do legitimate sweepstakes casinos ensure fair gaming?

Legitimate platforms utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that game outcomes are random and fair, providing an equal playing field for all players.

What should I look for in a legitimate sweepstakes casino?

Look for aspects like proper licensing, reasonable bonuses, offerings from top game providers, fair gaming practices, reliable payment options, positive reviews, reliable customer support, and adherence to geo-oriented rules.


Can I find information about the owners of sweepstakes casinos online?

Legitimate casinos often provide detailed information about their owners, licensing, and operations on their website, typically in the “About Us” section. Blacklisted casinos tend to hide this information to obscure their shady practices.


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