Blaze Gaming Enters Partnership with First Look Games

Quick Intro

Blaze Gaming is ramping up its promotional activities by forming a strategic alliance with First Look Games, a leading marketing platform dedicated to bridging the gap between game studios and affiliate networks. This collaboration marks a significant step for Blaze Gaming in boosting the visibility and reach of its game portfolio.

Enhanced Game Visibility Through a Branded Library

By becoming a partner of First Look Games, Blaze Gaming secures a branded space within the platform, enabling the studio to showcase detailed information and assets for its array of games. This feature allows approved affiliates to access a wealth of resources to craft detailed reviews and previews, aiming to elevate the profile of Blaze Gaming’s offerings among potential players.

The collaboration further simplifies the distribution of demo links for Blaze Gaming’s titles, ensuring that affiliates in tightly regulated markets, such as the UK, can seamlessly provide demo games to their audiences, thus broadening the accessibility of Blaze Gaming’s products.

Maintaining Control and Maximizing Reach

Under the terms of the partnership, Blaze Gaming maintains complete autonomy over its shared assets within the First Look Games library, including determining when these materials become accessible to affiliates. This control ensures that Blaze Gaming can strategically manage its brand and game presentation in alignment with its marketing objectives.

Elliott Resnick from First Look Games expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness in game promotion and the significant advantages it offers to Blaze Gaming in terms of marketing efficiency and extensive reach.

Keith Goddard, CEO of Blaze Gaming, shared his excitement about utilizing First Look Games’ comprehensive suite of marketing tools and features. He emphasized the opportunity to directly engage with affiliates, increasing awareness of Blaze Gaming’s innovative and entertaining slots. This partnership is anticipated to introduce Blaze Gaming’s unique gaming experiences to a broader audience, fostering new player discovery and engagement with their diverse and captivating slot games.