Bristol's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino set to open this summer

Quick Intro

Amid the buzz of Super Bowl bets at Bristol Casino’s sportsbook, the construction of Bristol’s upcoming major attraction, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Bristol, is swiftly progressing on the grounds of the former Bristol Mall. Since the groundbreaking in December 2022, the construction has seen considerable advancements, with the project firmly on course for its summer 2024 opening.

“The structure has risen impressively, with our hotel tower now prominently standing,” said Casino President Allie Evangelista. “The completion of 300 rooms is anticipated by year’s end, and we are excitedly anticipating the casino floor’s opening by July this year.”

A Sneak Peek Into Future Luxuries

Although a precise date for the hotel’s inauguration remains undecided, expectations align with a launch in the latter half of 2024. Exclusive insights into the hotel and casino reveal forthcoming amenities including upscale dining options and an expanded casino. “We’re eagerly preparing to introduce additional dining experiences, such as the Council Oak Steakhouse, alongside Asian gaming and dining options,” shared Evangelista. The plans also highlight the inclusion of a Hard Rock Cafe and the Hard Rock Live entertainment venue.

Construction Milestones and Expansions

Yet, substantial construction efforts are required to bring this vision to life. “We’re awaiting the arrival of hotel furnishings, laying carpets, and constructing our dining areas,” Evangelista elaborated. The expansion will enhance the gaming experience with 1,500 slot machines and 75 table games planned.

This ambitious expansion has seen its budget rise from $400 million to $550 million due to construction costs and enhancements to the facilities. With this growth, Hard Rock anticipates doubling its current workforce in Bristol, aiming to welcome 700 new members to reach a total of 1,300 employees by year-end.

Community and Employment Impacts

Vice President of Human Resources Marina Alvidrez emphasized the casino’s commitment to community engagement and career development. “Our goal is to fundamentally enrich the lives of those who start and develop their careers with us,” Alvidrez stated, highlighting the importance of offering substantial employment opportunities.

Since its opening, the Bristol project has demonstrated remarkable success, distributing over $172 million in jackpots and contributing more than $42 million in state gaming taxes. These contributions have significantly benefited the 14 Southwest Virginia communities, supporting education, public safety, and teacher pay raises among other initiatives.

Looking Ahead: A Hub for Tourism and Entertainment

With a record-setting revenue month in December 2023 and over 120,000 guests enrolled in its loyalty program, the Bristol casino is rapidly becoming a premier destination for tourists, drawing visitors from across the nation. Evangelista anticipates an even grander Super Bowl celebration next year, thanks to the growing interest from both local and distant guests.

As Bristol’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino continues to unfold, it promises to transform the area into a bustling hub of tourism and entertainment, enhancing the local economy and community life.