Can Georgia expect to legalize gambling in 2024

Quick Intro

In the United States, gambling regulations are determined by individual state laws, which dictate the permissible forms of gambling and the ways in which local residents can engage. Options vary widely across states, with some permitting sports betting, casino gambling, and online wagering. Locations like Las Vegas are renowned for their gambling scenes, standing out as top destinations. Conversely, states such as Hawaii and Utah enforce a complete ban on all gambling activities, showing no signs of amending these stringent policies. Nonetheless, several states are considering legislation to introduce various gambling forms.

Georgia’s Gambling Landscape

Currently, Georgia’s gambling options are confined to the lottery, charity bingo, and raffles, positioning it among the states with the most restrictive gambling laws. However, there’s potential for change. The Entain Foundation has initiated discussions with Georgian lawmakers to assess the feasibility of passing a gambling bill in 2024. Past attempts to legalize sports betting, casinos, and horse racing have not succeeded, prompting this group to investigate what changes would be necessary for future legislation. Key issues include deciding on the types of gambling to legalize and determining how to allocate the resulting revenue.

The Economic Impact of Gambling

Gambling tax and licensing fees represent a significant revenue source for many states. For instance, New York generated close to $700 million in 2022 from gambling, highlighting the financial potential. Although Georgia might not reach such figures, the introduction of legalized gambling could still provide a substantial economic uplift. The possibility of legalizing various betting forms, especially online betting, is gaining traction as a means to counteract the accessibility of offshore betting sites. These sites allow U.S. citizens to gamble regardless of state restrictions, prompting a reconsideration of gambling laws.

The Case for Legalizing Gambling in Georgia

Offshore gambling platforms offer secure betting options on sports and casino games, challenging local legal restrictions. Recognizing the benefits of regulated gambling, including increased state control and community reinvestment through taxation, Georgia is revisiting the idea of legalization. Despite opposition from groups like the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, efforts to mitigate gambling’s potential negative impacts could sway public opinion. Regulated operators would be subject to stringent guidelines, contrasting with the lax standards of offshore sites. With neighboring states like Tennessee enjoying the benefits of legal online sports betting since 2020, Georgia’s move towards legalization, particularly for online sports betting, seems promising despite the challenges. Ongoing discussions provide a crucial foundation for stakeholders aiming to advance this initiative.


While it remains uncertain whether Georgia will embrace gambling legalization in 2024, the momentum for online sports betting is growing, surpassing the support for recent casino legislation efforts. The current dialogues represent a significant step forward, laying the groundwork for potential future developments in the state’s gambling industry.