Delaware's Online Casino Revenue Rises in December, Matching Previous Year's Performance

Quick Intro

In December, despite a decline in registrations compared to November, Delaware’s online casinos saw a revenue increase, generating $1.17 million. This represents a 4.57% rise from the previous month, with only a slight 0.69% drop from the same period last year.

Delaware, hosting three gaming properties, is among the six states in the U.S. where real-money online casino gaming is legal.

Analyzing Delaware’s December Online Gaming Figures

The online casino handle in Delaware for December 2023 totaled $31.33 million, marking a 29.30% year-on-year decrease and a 2.37% drop from November 2023. The majority of this revenue, like in previous months of 2023, was driven by video lottery games, which contributed $18.19 million.

Delaware Park led the month with 357 new registrations out of 796 statewide, as reported by the Delaware Lottery. In terms of performance:

  • Delaware Park: $17.56 million in bets and $448,699 in revenue
  • Bally’s Dover: $7.86 million in bets, yielding $433,402 in revenue
  • Harrington: Handled $5.91 million in bets, resulting in $284,490 in revenue

While Bally’s Dover and Harrington reported monthly revenue increases despite fewer total bets, Delaware Park experienced a rise in total bets but a decrease in revenue. Compared to December of the previous year, Bally’s Dover showed gains in both revenue and total bets, Delaware Park increased its total handle, and Harrington reported higher annual revenue.

Delaware’s Sports Betting Flourishes in December

Delaware’s sports betting sector saw significant growth in December, bolstered by a packed sports calendar and numerous betting opportunities. Net revenue from sports betting reached $2.07 million, reflecting:

  • A remarkable 55% increase over the $1.37 million from December 2022
  • A substantial 259% surge from November’s sports betting revenue of $576,800

Total sports sales for December also indicated an 8.8% month-over-month and an 8.3% year-over-year increase. Breaking down the sports betting revenue from November 27 to December 31:

  • Delaware Park: $302,801
  • Bally’s Dover: $161,432
  • Harrington: $65,701
  • Retailers: $1,542,153

Delaware’s December: A Mixed Bag of Gaming and Betting Trends

Delaware’s gaming landscape in December presented a mix of trends. While online casino revenue saw modest growth, there was a noticeable decrease in the total handle. Conversely, the sports betting segment experienced robust growth both monthly and annually, illustrating the dynamic nature of the state’s gaming and betting market.

Final Thoughts

Delaware’s online gaming and sports betting sectors in December showcased resilience and growth amid varying trends. The increase in sports betting revenue and the steady performance of online casinos highlight the evolving and robust nature of Delaware’s gaming industry.