DraftKings, WynnBet, and Golden Nugget Online Casinos Have Recently Introduced A New Game, Roulette Up

Quick Intro

The online casino world is abuzz with the introduction of ‘Roulette Up,’ a novel game by Galaxy Gaming, now available at renowned online casinos DraftKings, Golden Nugget, and WynnBET. This exciting addition is already live in multiple states and is expected to launch in Canada shortly, thanks to a collaboration with server provider ODDSworks.

Roulette Up: A Fresh Take on Classic Roulette

‘Roulette Up’ rejuvenates the classic roulette format by incorporating progressive side bets. Traditional roulette begins with players placing their chips on a variety of bets, waiting for the croupier to spin the wheel and drop the ball into it. As the game progresses, winners are identified when the ball settles on one of the wheel’s 38 numbers, with potential wins soaring as high as 399:1.

The innovative side bet in ‘Roulette Up’ is based on the winning number increasing consecutively each round. If the next winning number exceeds the previous one, players ascend a prize ladder with increasingly lucrative payouts, ranging from a push for a streak of two, to a remarkable 399:1 for a streak of eight.

Moreover, the game introduces a second jackpot side bet, which is progressive and pays out fully if a player hits a streak of eight ascending numbers. Smaller payouts are awarded for streaks of four to seven.

ODDSworks & Galaxy Gaming: A Promising Partnership

Larry DeMar, President of ODDSworks, expressed his company’s honor and commitment to work with Galaxy Gaming, ensuring that casino partners and players are delighted with these games. Matt Reback, CEO of Galaxy Gaming, echoed this sentiment. He highlighted Galaxy Gaming’s reputation as a leading table games brand and expressed enthusiasm about bringing their premier games to online players in North America for the first time.

This partnership, stretching over two years since October 2022, signifies a significant milestone for both companies. It showcases their collaborative efforts to innovate and enhance the online casino gaming experience.

Expanding the Horizons of Online Casino Gaming

The collaboration between Galaxy Gaming and ODDSworks, marked by the launch of ‘Roulette Up,’ represents a significant leap in the evolution of online casino gaming. This innovative game merges traditional roulette excitement with modern twists, offering players an enriched experience. With its progressive side bets and engaging gameplay, ‘Roulette Up‘ is set to become a staple among online casino enthusiasts. Its introduction is a testament to the dynamic nature of online gaming, where traditional concepts are continuously reimagined, promising players both novel experiences and the thrill of potentially larger winnings.

Final Thoughts

‘Roulette Up’ stands as a pioneering example of how classic casino games can be transformed for the digital age, offering a fresh, exciting experience to players while maintaining the essence of traditional gameplay. This inventive approach by Galaxy Gaming and ODDSworks could pave the way for more such creative ventures in the online casino world.

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