F1's Sauber Adopts Dual Name Strategy to Avoid Stake.com Issue

Quick Intro

The Formula One racing team Sauber is set to navigate this season’s races under two distinct names, “Stake” or “Kick,” tailored to align with the gambling regulations specific to each country’s legal framework.

In a striking revelation at the London unveiling of Sauber’s revamped C44, Managing Director Alessandro Bravi disclosed the team’s strategic approach to its branding this season. This innovative dual identity aims to address potential regulatory challenges posed by its primary sponsor, the online crypto casino Stake.com, particularly in regions where the platform’s operations might face legal scrutiny.

Among the countries of concern is Sauber’s homeland, Switzerland, where the Federal Casino Commission (FCC) has launched legal actions against the team due to Stake.com’s unlicensed status. This development comes after Sauber’s transition from its partnership with Alfa Romeo, which concluded with the 2023 Formula One season, paving the way for Stake.com to acquire naming rights for the next two seasons before Sauber transitions to becoming Audi’s factory team in 2016.

Stake.com’s Impressive Trajectory

Since its inception in 2017, Stake.com has rapidly ascended to become the world’s premier cryptocurrency gambling platform, securing high-profile partnerships, including one with Formula One’s Sauber and endorsements from celebrities like Drake. It also sponsors the English Premier League’s Everton FC. Founded by billionaire Edward Craven, Stake.com operates in a unique position within the gambling industry, holding a license in certain jurisdictions while navigating the complexities of gray market operations elsewhere.

Despite its global presence, Stake.com faces regulatory hurdles in Switzerland, a country with stringent online gambling laws and advertising restrictions. These challenges could potentially expose Sauber to significant fines due to its association with Stake.com.

Adapting to Regulatory Landscapes

Bravi, however, remains optimistic about the partnership with Stake.com and the strategic decision to adopt dual team names. This adaptable branding strategy ensures compliance with varying international gambling laws, utilizing “Kick” as the team name in jurisdictions where Stake.com’s gambling advertising faces restrictions.

Kick.com, a live-streaming service and subsidiary of Stake.com’s parent company Easygo Entertainment, represents an alternative branding avenue that aligns with legal requirements without compromising the team’s sponsorship commitments.

This flexible branding approach underscores Sauber’s commitment to navigating the complex regulatory environments of global markets while maintaining strategic partnerships. As the team gears up for the 2024 season, its dual identity not only reflects a pragmatic response to legal challenges but also highlights the evolving landscape of sports sponsorships in the face of varying international regulations.

What we could expect?

Sauber’s innovative approach to navigating global gambling regulations showcases a flexible strategy for the 2024 Formula One season, adopting dual identities “Stake” and “Kick” to comply with local laws. This decision, revealed during the C44 unveiling in London, addresses legal challenges in countries like Switzerland, ensuring Sauber’s alignment with sponsorship commitments while respecting regional advertising restrictions. This adaptability highlights Sauber’s proactive stance in maintaining its partnership with Stake.com amidst the complex legal landscapes of international racing.