Funrize Cashout

Quick Intro

Funrize Casino is swiftly emerging as a powerhouse in the realm of social casinos, challenging even the seasoned players in the industry. Unlike traditional casinos, sweepstake platforms like Funrize allow players to dive into the world of gaming without an initial investment. By merely signing up, players are greeted with a generous no deposit bonus to kickstart their gaming journey.

Continuing your voyage at Funrize, you’ll have opportunities to accumulate Sweeps Coins. These coins aren’t just virtual tokens; they hold the power to be exchanged for actual cash or premium gift cards from renowned brands. Ready to learn how to cash out your Sweeps Coins at Funrize? Let’s delve in.

Funrize Currency Landscape

Every social casino has its unique currency system, and Funrize is no exception. Upon initiation, players are introduced to the tournament mode. To engage in this mode, players require Tournament Coins, sometimes denoted as Gold or Game Coins in many social casinos. New members are generously gifted these coins upon signing up.

Subsequently, there’s the Promotional mode. This exciting realm becomes accessible post your maiden purchase of Tournament Coins. The starter packs for buying these coins commence at a modest $4.99. On making this initial purchase, players are bestowed with Promotional Entries, the golden tickets to this mode. Unlike Tournament Coins, you cannot buy Promotional Entries directly. However, various promotional evbents and giveaways frequently supplement your stash.

Promotional Entries aren’t just another form of virtual currency; they’re the gateway to an array of tangible rewards. To translate these entries into real-world prizes, players need a minimum of 2,500 promotional entries, which translates to $25 in the redemption phase.

Redeem Your Promotional Entries

Having invested time in the Promotional mode and amassing a significant number of Promotional Entries, the redemption phase beckons. Remember to switch to the Promotional mode to view your accumulated balance.

A word of caution for the players: Before initiating the redemption process, ensure you have validated essential details, including age, identity, proof of residence, and source of wealth. Premature cashing out, before hitting the threshold of redeemable amount, might result in nullification by the casino.

Embarking on the redemption journey is simple. Click on the ‘redeem’ option, unveiling a plethora of choices including cash or premium gift cards. Your subsequent step is contingent on your preferred reward. Opting for cash? Stick to the payment medium employed during your last transaction.

Funrize Casino has integrated a suite of renowned banking options, encompassing Discover, eCheck, MasterCard, PayNearMe, PayPal, Trustly, and Visa. However, patience is key, as players can make one redemption request every 24 hours. Additionally, post submission, processing might span up to 10 days. It’s imperative to remember that the ceiling for daily withdrawal of Promotional Entries stands at $2,000.

On the other hand, if gift cards are your choice of reward, you’re in for a treat. The Amazon gift card, a versatile option, opens up a universe of products. Click ‘redeem’, select the gift card, and voila, your voucher number is promptly credited, ready to be splurged on the Amazon digital store. However, do remember that the daily limit for such redemptions is capped at $400.

In the ever-evolving world of social casino gaming, Funrize Casino has etched a niche for itself, offering players an immersive experience coupled with tangible rewbards. Dive in, play smart, and reap the benefits!

Funrize Cashout Process

Funrize Cashout Process


Funrize Casino stands out as an impressive entrant in the bustling world of social casinos. Its no-deposit bonus system, unique currency dynamics, and a seamless redemption process place it ahead of many contemporaries. Players can effortlessly dive into gaming without initial investments and stand a chance to earn real rewards, be it cash or enticing gift cards. With a strategic approach, gamers can harness the casino’s offerings, ensuring an exhilarating experience paired with tangible benefits. For those exploring the social casino domain, Funrize Casino undeniably offers an avenue worth embarking upon.