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Quick Intro

Galaxy World Sweepstakes presents itself as a sweepstakes gaming system, featuring over 30 slots and fish games, drawing parallels with platforms like Fire Kirin and Orion Stars. To dive into Galaxy World and vie for cash prizes, it’s requisite to register through a 3rd party agent. This gaming ecosystem, designed for those aged 18 and above, extends real money prizes across 48 US states and entices new users with a $50 Galaxy World no deposit bonus upon registering through Sweepstakes.mobi.

Despite the allure of a no deposit bonus and the excitement of fish games, playing at Galaxy World is flagged as risky due to unsecured payment methods, a dubious legal status, and the reality that all their games remain untested. Instead, we advocate for registering at legitimate sweepstakes casinos that offer generous rewards, such as Sweeptastic, WOW Vegas, Stake.us, Pulsz Bingo, Funrize, McLuck, and High 5 casino.

Stay tuned if you’re curious to delve deeper into Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino. We’re about to dissect the gaming system’s registration process, app, games, bonuses, and more, down to the minute details!

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2023
  • 🏢 Company: N/A
  • 💳 Reload Methods: Cash App
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Rademtption: N/A
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: N/A
  • 🎰 Games: slots, Fish Games

Galaxy World Casino

🎁 Free $50 No Deposit Bonus

No deposit offer

Pros & Cons


  • Real monetary prizes
  • Generous no deposit bonus
  • Over 10 fish games


  • Lacks licensing and regulation

  • Unsecured payment methods

  • Questionable Android app

  • Games are untested and unverified

  • Not functional platform

  • Not clear T&C’s

Can Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino Be Considered Legit?

The terms legit and Galaxy World Sweepstakes should not coexist in the same sentence. Galaxy World mirrors other dubious offshore sweepstakes gaming systems like Fire Kirin and Vblink. Their games, being entirely untested, could potentially be rigged without players being any the wiser. This is why we advocate for playing games only from licensed providers that have been tested in legitimate 3rd party labs.

Another significant issue with Galaxy World Sweepstakes is their operational model. Instead of interacting directly with players, Galaxy World Sweepstakes licenses their gaming system to agents. These anonymous agents then formulate bonuses and manage payments and customer support. Galaxy World absolves itself of any responsibility for the actions of its agents, and there have been numerous instances where agents have refused to payout winnings or vanished with players’ purchases.

Galaxy World Sweepstakes No Deposit Bonus

Galaxy World Sweepstakes proffers a $50 no deposit bonus through its agent, Sweepstakes.mobi. To seize this offer, registration at Sweepstakes.mobi is necessary, followed by selecting the Galaxy World platform. Sweepstakes.mobi will then furnish you with Galaxy World login credentials and append $50 worth of virtual credits to your account.

It’s noteworthy that Sweepstakes.mobi does not transparently reveal the terms and conditions of this money. Moreover, considering their somewhat dubious sweepstakes casino status, claiming this no deposit bonus comes with its own set of risks!

Galaxy World No Deposit Bonus

Galaxy World No Deposit Bonus

Galaxy World Sweepstakes Promo Codes & Additional Bonuses

Even after claiming the $50 Galaxy World no deposit bonus, there are more free virtual credits available to be snagged. Enhance your bankroll with these Galaxy World Bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus – Upon making your initial deposit at Galaxy World, a 100% match is bestowed upon you. Several agents on Facebook, whose reputation may be questionable, offer this bonus without providing detailed information about wagering requirements or expiration dates.
  • Reload Bonus – For your second or any subsequent deposits at Galaxy World, a 50% deposit match is awarded. Much like the welcome bonus, various agents on Facebook promote this offer.
  • Referral Bonus – When an individual makes a deposit with a Galaxy World agent utilizing your affiliate link or promotional code, you will garner 30% of their purchase. For instance, a $100 spend by them will yield $30 worth of virtual credits for you.

Establishing a Galaxy World Sweepstakes Account

Initiating a Galaxy World Sweepstakes account first necessitates finding an agent and registering through them. Sweepstakes.mobi stands out as one of the more popular agents. Adhere to these steps to sign up at Galaxy World via Sweepstakes.mobi:

  1. Visit https://sweepstake.mobi/galaxy.php
  2. Hit the register button
  3. Input your first and last name, email, phone number, and create a password
  4. Enter the code dispatched to your phone or email
  5. Upload a copy of your ID and a proof of residence document
  6. Choose Galaxy World Sweepstakes

Once you’ve registered at Sweepstakes.mobi and selected Galaxy World, you’ll receive your login details. Navigate to the Galaxy World website or download the app, enter your login details to sign in, and your $50 in virtual credits will be ready and waiting!

Galaxy World Registration Form

Galaxy World Registration Form

Galaxy World Sweepstakes App

Under no circumstances should you download the Galaxy World Sweepstakes app. Predictably, their app is not available on Google Play or the App Store. The sole method to install the app involves downloading a questionable APK file directly from their website, which might potentially harbor undesirable bugs.

A link purportedly for an iOS app download is also present, but our caution prevented us from clicking it! Any tech aficionado will advise you to exclusively download official apps from Google Play or the App Store to avoid inadvertently installing malware on your device.

Galaxy World Casino App

Galaxy World Casino App

Galaxy World Sweepstakes Games

Galaxy World Sweepstakes showcases 30+ slots and fish games, either developed in-house or acquired from unrecognized developers. Below is a detailed breakdown of the games available for play.

Galaxy World presents 20+ slots, all of which are budget-friendly 5X3 games. Although the slot machines feature some intriguing themes, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, zombies, and classic fruit machines, the absence of contemporary features like random multipliers, cascading reels, clusters, and re-triggering free spins renders these games somewhat monotonous to play. Here’s a peek at some of the most sought-after slots at Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino:

  • Crazy 7
  • Wild Buffalo
  • Panda Fortune
  • Fruit Mary
  • Zombie Paradise
  • Life of Luxury

Galaxy World Casino Lobby

Fish Games
Galaxy World offers 10+ fish games, a distinctive arcade game variant where you control a cannon, targeting sea creatures as they navigate through the underwater map. Each shot costs you money, but eliminating high-paying fish brings rewards!

Galaxy World Casino Fish Games

Where dubious sweepstakes gaming systems like Galaxy World excel is in their fish games. They boast impressive graphics and exhilarating, rapid action, and if you manage to capture a golden shark or whale, you can expect 200x+ wins! Some of the most popular fish games at Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino include:

  • Crab King III
  • Golden Dragon
  • Ocean King III

Deposits and Withdrawals at Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino

Nothing at Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino is straightforward, including the process of purchasing virtual credits. To add funds to Galaxy World, you must message your agent, typically through Facebook or WhatsApp, expressing your desire to purchase virtual credits. The agent will then request your details and player account ID, subsequently sending you their $Cashtag.

You are then required to transfer money via Cash App and forward a screenshot to the agent. The agent will then manually append virtual credits to your Galaxy World account.

Indeed, you read that correctly: you must execute a non-reversible transaction to an anonymous individual online and then merely hope they add virtual credits to your account. It’s unsurprising that numerous sweepstakes agents operate Ponzi schemes.

If you were hoping that payouts at Galaxy World would be more straightforward than purchases, prepare for disappointment! To redeem your virtual credits for cash, you must once again contact your agent, inform them of your desire to make a redemption and specify the transaction size. The agent will request your name and $Cashtag, and if fortune favors you, will send the money via Cash App.

Once again, you are placing substantial trust in an anonymous online individual to act ethically and send you money, especially considering they are unlikely to face repercussions if they simply block you on Facebook and ignore your redemption request.

Customer Support at Galaxy World

Navigating through Galaxy World Casino’s customer support can be a perplexing journey. The platform operates through agents, often encountered on platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp, who manage transactions and player inquiries. This decentralized approach to customer service not only obscures accountability but also raises questions about the reliability and security of player interactions and transactions within the Galaxy World ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Galaxy World Sweepstakes Casino, while offering a seemingly attractive $50 no deposit bonus and a variety of over 30 games, raises numerous red flags in terms of its legitimacy, untested games, and unsecured payment methods. The operational model, which heavily relies on anonymous agents for transactions and customer support, further amplifies the risks involved. Players are urged to approach with caution and consider alternative, legitimate sweepstakes casinos for a safer gaming experience.

Sites Like Galaxy World Casino:

How do I register for Galaxy World Sweepstakes?

  • Registration is done through a 3rd party agent, such as Sweepstakes.mobi, where you’ll receive login details after providing necessary personal information.

Is there a no deposit bonus available?

  • Yes, a $50 no deposit bonus is available when registering through Sweepstakes.mobi, although the terms and conditions are not transparent.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals at Galaxy World?

  • Transactions are handled through agents, typically using Cash App, and involve a non-reversible transfer and reliance on the agent to manually add credits or process withdrawals.

Can I download the Galaxy World app from official app stores?

No, the app is not available on official stores and requires downloading an APK file directly from their website, which may pose security risks.

Are the games at Galaxy World tested and fair?

No, the games are untested, which raises concerns about their fairness and reliability.

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