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Carnival Citi Free Coins

Quick Intro

Carnival Citi Casino, nestled under the umbrella of Citi Media Tech LLC, stands proudly as a jewel in Miami, Florida’s gaming scene. Like several of its social casino counterparts, Carnival Citi presents players with two distinctive coin types to delve into their games: Gold Coins (or Coins for simplicity) and a unique currency termed Sweeps Chips (SC).

The Coins, freely acquired or purchased, grant players access to a vast array of Carnival’s games. However, they hold no real-world monetary value and merely serve to extend your gaming enjoyment. Conversely, Sweeps Chips cannot be directly purchased. But several avenues, alongside bonus Gold Coins, are available for obtaining them, which we’ll detail further.

How to get Carnival Citi’s Free Bonus?

Registration Bonanza
Upon initiation into the Carnival Citi community, players are graced with a bountiful welcome: a whopping 10 million Gold Coins coupled with 5,000 Sweeps Chips. To claim this generosity, simply engage with the prominently displayed banner on their homepage.

The registration process is intuitive, offering multiple pathways: through email, Google, Facebook, or Apple ID credentials. After choosing a secure password and providing some basic personal details, a mobile verification code will seal the deal. Once in, you’re equipped with 10,000,000 Gold Coins and 5,000 Sweeps Chips, ready to dive into a sea of slot games, table games, keno, and video poker.

Additional Sweeps Cash Opportunities

Consistent Logins
Carnival Citi continues its gift parade post-registration. Ensure you’re active and log in daily for five consecutive days post-registration, and you’re looking at a sum of 5,000 additional Sweeps Chips.

Postal Perks
Go traditional and pen down a request. Send this handwritten message on a standard 4” x 6” paper bearing your email, full name (as on your ID), and residence address. Dispatch it from your stated state address to Promotional Sweeps Chips 6171 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33166. Your effort will be rewarded with 2,000 Sweeps Chips.

Promotional Activities

Heighten your gaming spree by procuring Giveaway Chips. Engage with Carnival Citi’s vibrant online presence by subscribing to their SMS alerts, notifications, and following their social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Purchase Coins

Acquiring specific Gold Coin packages can also usher in free Sweeps Chips. Activate notifications and opt for email alerts about such enticing deals. A diverse array of payment methods, from credit cards to Paypal and Venmo, facilitate your purchases.

Carnival Citi Casino allows players to trade in their amassed coins for tangible rewards. Convert a minimum of 100,000 SC to $100 in real money via bank transfer or Paypal.

Redeem Coins

Carnival Citi allows players to exchange prizes. With a minimum of 100,000 SC, equivalent to $100, they can be traded for cash via bank transfer or Paypal.

Lucky Draws
Carnival Citi offers live LUCKY DRAWS featuring E.TICKETS. For every 10,000 Sweeps Coins played, players receive 3 E.TICKETS.

  • DAILY LUCKY DRAW – At midnight EST, E.TICKET winners are selected from accumulated
  • DAILY LUCKY DRAW’ entries, with a prize pool of 10,000 Sweeps Chips.
  • WEEKLY LUCKY DRAW – Happening every Sunday at midnight EST, this draw rewards 25,000 SC.
  • MONTHLY LUCKY DRAW – Scheduled for month-end at midnight EST, it offers 100,000 Sweeps Chips.

Carnival Citi also hosts SPECIAL EVENT LUCKY DRAWs, with larger prizes for unique occasions.

State Restrictions

One question often lingering in the minds of newcomers to the world of online casinos, particularly in the US, is the legality of such platforms.

While diving into the adrenaline-pumping games at a social casino like Carnival Citi is thrilling, it’s essential to first understand its legal standing in the country. Consulting Carnival Citi’s terms and conditions is an excellent way to gain clarity about its legitimacy and learn which states restrict its activities. Notably, the states that prohibit its play and promotions include Florida, Georgia, Kentubcky, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Obhio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington.

If you’re someone who prefers quick checks over lengthy T&C readings, you can also test this by trying to register on their site. Once you input your address and phone number and seek a confirmation code, the site will notify you if your location is restricted, preventing further action.

Moreover, to bolster user trust and safety, Carnival Citi has an added security measure. Before you can claim any prizes, you’re mandated to undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. This standardized procedure ensures proper identity verification and thwarts potential frauds.

Carnival Citi Games Lobby

With the legalities addressed, it’s time to delve into the heart of Carnival Citi: its games. These are the experiences players eagerly await.

Taking center stage at this sweeps cash casino are the slot games. Boasting a diverse collection exceeding 100 titles, players can indulge in fan-favorites such as Gallo Pancho, Martial Eagle, and many others, each promising unique thrill and excitement.

Table Games
While slot enthusiasts have ample choices, table game aficionados might find the offerings slightly limited. As of our last exploration, we spotted two distinctive table games at the sweeps casino:

  • 3-Hand American Black Jack
  • 5-Hand American Black Jack.

An enticing segment of Carnival Citi’s game portfolio is its jackpot section. Presently, they feature eight distinct jackpots, beckoning players with the allure of monumental wins and sheer exhilaration.

The beloved game of Keno, especially adored by US players, has rightfully found its spot at Carnival. Currently, they showcase three captivating Keno variations: Steam Train Keno, The Great Wall Keno, and Cleo’s Keno, ensuring fans have a splendid selection to choose from.

Carnival Citi Game Lobby

Carnival Citi Game Lobby

Final Thoughts

Carnival Citi Casino offers a comprehensive blend of fun, security, and potential rewards. Its elaborate coin system, accentuated by generous bonuses and promotions, allows players to deeply immerse themselves into the gaming experience. The array of games, from engaging slots to jackpot chasers, ensures there’s something for everyone. While there are legal restrictions, the casino makes it clear where it stands, instilling trust. Most notably, its consistent efforts to reward players, be it through daily logins, lucky draws, or traditional postal methods, reflects its commitment to user satisfaction. For those keen on online gaming with an edge of excitement, Carnival Citi Casino is undoubtedly a destination worth exploring.

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