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Golden Hearts Games

Quick Intro

Dana Nessel, the esteemed Michigan Attorney General, recently became a notable figure in the sweepstakes gaming arena.

Under the guidance of the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, paired with the efforts of the Michigan Gaming Control Board, a decisive action was taken against Golden Hearts Games. An Assurance of Discontinuance was issued, leading to a halt in the casino’s operations.

From September 1 onwards, individuals in Michigan have been restricted from setting up new accounts or accessing pre-existing ones on the platform.

Delving Deeper: The Case

The unease between Michigan’s authorities and Golden Hearts Casino initiated in 2021. After thorough scrutiny, the Michigan Gaming Control Board branded Golden Hearts Games as an unauthorized gaming platform due to its lack of a legitimate Michigan operating license.

In the subsequent year, 2022, Golden Hearts received a formal cease-and-desist letter from the Department of Attorney General. However, defying the notice, they persisted in accommodating players from Michigan.

In response to this defiance, Nessel’s office, displaying its commitment to law enforcement, communicated its intent to initiate legal proceedings against Golden Hearts Games under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

Confronted with this formidable legal challenge, Golden Hearts Games opted for prudence by officially signing the Assurance of Discontinuance on September 1, 2023.

Golden Hearts Games vs Michigan Law

Golden Hearts Games vs Michigan Law

Unraveling Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts is distinguished by its unique blend of philanthropy and online sweepstakes gaming. On registering at this social casino, players choose from a plethora of charitable organizations to support.

Upon making a donation, players are awarded complimentary Golden Hearts Coins, enabling them to engage in a variety of casino games like slots and table games. Successful wins allow players to exchange their coins for tangible rewards, which can range from bank transfers and PayPal credits to various gift cards.

The Legality Aspect of Golden Hearts Casino

While casinos like Golden Hearts, categorized as social casinos, are broadly accepted across the US, there are a few notable exceptions. The essence of these platforms is that they don’t allow players to directly stake their money, differentiating them from traditional gambling setups. This distinction means they’re typically not branded as gambling entities and hence remain lawful in most parts of the US.

Golden Hearts generally falls within legal parameters, much like several sweepstakes casinos. However, as evidenced by Fliff’s situation in California, regional acceptance can fluctuate.

A word of caution: for Michigan residents, it’s imperative to refrain from bypassing Golden Hearts Games’ restrictions using VPNs or any deceptive tools. Not only does this breach the law, but it also nullifies the possibility of claiming any rewards from the platform.

For those located in Michigan and eager to explore, numerous other sweepstakes casinos, endorsed by Sweepscasinosusa, remain open and compliant with state regulations.


Golden Hearts Games, a unique blend of philanthropy and online sweepstakes gaming, recently faced legal scrutiny in Michigan. While social casinos like Golden Hearts are generally legal across the US, regional regulations can vary. The Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, took decisive action against the platform due to its operations without a proper license. For Michigan residents, while Golden Hearts may be off-limits, other compliant sweepstakes casinos remain accessible.

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