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Hard Rock Bet's Waitlist Comes to an End

Quick Intro

The waitlist for Hard Rock Bet, a popular online sports betting platform, is no longer in effect. As highlighted in their vibrant advertising campaign, “Hard Rock Bet is now legally available in Florida.”

On December 5th, Matt Primeaux, the executive managing director and president of Hard Rock Bet, announced that the app was fully open to Florida’s sports betting enthusiasts. This was coupled with an early restart of retail sports betting operations.

By December 7th, this news was creatively disseminated through a lively marketing campaign featuring music, dance, and even skywriting.

Originally, December 7th was slated for the reopening of three Hard Rock Bet retail sportsbooks. The “You Did It, Florida!” campaign aptly celebrated this milestone, irrespective of the ongoing court cases that had previously hindered Florida sports betting for two years. Despite these legal battles, Hard Rock Bet has moved forward with Primeaux’s vision of “letting everyone bet.”

Before this announcement, the Hard Rock Bet waitlist was the holding area for Floridians keen on sports betting, except for some 2021 legacy bettors and select loyalty program members.

Hard Rock Bet Waitlist Dissolved

The anticipation among Floridians to engage in legal sports betting was palpable once the Hard Rock Bet waitlist was removed.

As reported by CNBC Correspondent Contessa Brewer on December 7th:

“Over 700,000 sports bets have been placed through Hard Rock & the Seminoles in Florida from 10 am today until before 7 pm. This reflects the excitement about the opportunity to legally wager on sports.”

Discussions on X revealed questions about the now-defunct waitlist, with fellow sports bettors confirming its dissolution.

While the enthusiastic ad’s catchphrase wasn’t repeated in these discussions, the underlying excitement about the legalization of online sports betting in Florida was evident.

The Hard Rock Bet marketing initiative captured the joy of Floridians who were previously deprived of legal sports betting. The campaign visualized scenes of Floridians from various backgrounds coming together in a spontaneous, jubilant celebration, turning Main Street into a festive scene.

This campaign, titled “Florida’s Sportsbook”, featured local Florida actors and members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. It was filmed in Pompano Beach under the direction of Jason Koenig, in collaboration with Anonymous Content.

Hard Rock Bet in Florida

Hard Rock Bet in Florida

The Impact of Legalizing Sports Betting in Florida

The legalization of sports betting in Florida, marked by the end of the Hard Rock Bet waitlist, signifies a major shift in the state’s gaming landscape. This move has not only excited the local betting community but also positioned Florida as a key player in the growing U.S. sports betting market. The eagerness of Floridians to engage in legal sports betting was evident from the over 700,000 bets placed on the very first day of Hard Rock & the Seminoles‘ operations.

This development is expected to have a substantial economic impact, potentially boosting state revenues through taxation and creating new job opportunities. Moreover, it marks a significant step in the broader movement towards the normalization and regulation of sports betting across the United States. As legal sports betting gains momentum in Florida, it paves the way for a more regulated, secure, and thriving betting environment, benefiting both the state and its passionate sports betting community.

Final Thoughts

The end of Hard Rock Bet’s waitlist and the legalization of online sports betting in Florida mark a pivotal moment in the state’s gaming history. This development has unleashed a wave of enthusiasm among bettors and set Florida on a path to becoming a significant player in the national sports betting landscape. With substantial bets placed already, it’s clear that the move is set to boost the state’s economy and further fuel the growth of legal sports betting in the U.S. This milestone is a game-changer, heralding a new era of regulated and thriving sports betting in Florida.

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