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High 5 Refere a Friend Program

Quick Intro

Want more free coins for your favorite High 5 Casino games? The High 5 Refer a Friend bonus is here for you! Every time a friend joins through your referral link, you get 200 Game Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins, and 200 Diamonds, combining this with High 5 no deposit welcome offer of 250 Game Coins + 5 SC + 600 Diamonds you get a really nice start boost.

If you haven’t joined High 5 Casino yet, now’s the time! Sign up now for a free account, grab your free coins, and become part of the referral bonus program!

New to referral bonuses? No worries! Our High 5 Casino Refer a Friend guide will walk you through the process. Learn how to create your referral link, invite buddies, and spend your free coins.

Dive in and discover how to maximize this fantastic refer-a-friend offer!

Important: Note that High 5 Casino is not available in Michigan.

How to Grab Your High 5 Casino Referral Bonus

Want to introduce your friends to High 5 Casino and earn rewards? Here’s how to get started with the Refer a Friend program.

Firstly, ensure you have an active and verified High 5 Casino account. If you’re unsure about its legitimacy, rest assured, High 5 Casino is a secure and trustworthy platform. Once logged in, head over to the “My Hub” section. Here, you’ll find the “Refer a Friend” button. Clicking it will generate a unique referral link tied to your username. This link is your ticket to sharing High 5 Casino with friends and family.

Steps to Share the High 5 Casino Experience

  1. Account Verification: Before anything else, ensure your High 5 Casino account is verified. It’s a quick process and sets the stage for the referral bonus.
  2. Generate Your Link: Create a unique referral link from your account. This link can be shared with friends, colleagues, and extended family via text, email, or social media. However, remember that inviting those from the same household or immediate family might not be allowed.
  3. Earn Your Rewards: When someone uses your link to sign up and makes a purchase at High 5 Casino, you’ll be rewarded with 200 Gold Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins, and 200 Diamonds.

Always check the terms and conditions related to the referral program. It’s essential to know the promotion’s duration, the number of referrals allowed, and any purchase requirements your friends might need to fulfill.

Boost Your High 5 Casino Referral Reward

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of rewards from the High 5 Refer a Friend scheme, there are several exciting ways to use them.

  1. Dive into New Games: With a vast collection of over 550 online slots and table games, High 5 Casino offers plenty of choices. Use your bonus to explore new games. Who knows? You might stumble upon a new favorite!
  2. Stick to Your Favorites: If you’re a regular at High 5 Casino, you likely have a few preferred games. Why not use your bonus coins to indulge in them even more? Whether it’s a popular title from renowned developers like Pragmatic Play or exclusive High 5 Games, your bonus can give you more opportunities to play and win.

Key Guidelines for High 5 Casino’s Referral Bonus

Every casino promotion, including referral bonuses, comes with specific guidelines. Here are the essential points to note for the High 5 Casino Refer a Friend bonus:

  • Eligibility: Both new and existing users who have a verified High 5 Casino account can participate. They can generate a referral link from their account dashboard.
  • Earning Your Bonus: When a friend signs up using your link, verifies their account, and buys coins, you’ll get rewards: 200GC, 5SC, and 200 Diamonds.
  • Bonus for Friends: Friends who join through your link also benefit from the High 5 no deposit bonus, receiving similar rewards.
  • Time Frame: Friends have a 30-day window to make a coin purchase. You’ll see your bonus in your account within a week after their purchase.
  • Referral Limit: You can refer a maximum of 25 people during each promotional phase.
  • Family Restrictions: Direct family members from the same household are excluded from this offer.

General Guideline 

  • High 5 Casino operates in all US states, excluding Idaho and Washington.
  • Participants must be 18 or older. However, Nebraska and Alabama residents must be 19+, and New Jersey residents 21+.
  • High 5 Casino reserves the right to modify or end any promotion, including this one, at its discretion without prior notice.

High 5 Casino Bonuses

If you’re keen on introducing friends to the excitement or grabbing extra free coins for your top games, the High 5 Refer a Friend scheme is perfect for you. But remember, High 5 Casino has other enticing offers that might provide even more free coins than the referral program. Some of the most rewarding bonuses at High 5 Casino are:

  • An enticing welcome offer with 250GC, 5SC, and 600 Diamonds
  • High 5 Rapid Rewards
  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Exclusive VIP Bonuses
  • Engaging Contests & Leaderboards
Rapid Rewards

Rapid Rewards

Final Thoughts

High 5 Casino’s Refer a Friend program offers a fantastic opportunity for both new and existing players to earn extra rewards while introducing friends to a top-notch gaming experience. With a plethora of games to explore and various bonuses to benefit from, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. If you haven’t yet, dive into High 5 Casino, take advantage of their offers, and embark on a thrilling gaming journey.


What is the High 5 Casino Refer a Friend bonus?

  • It’s a program where you earn rewards when someone joins High 5 Casino using your referral link.

How do I get my referral link?

  • og into your verified High 5 Casino account, navigate to “My Hub”, and click on “Refer a Friend” to generate your unique link.

What rewards do I get from the referral program?

  • You earn 200 Game Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins, and 200 Diamonds for each successful referral.

Can I refer someone from my household?

  • No, immediate family members or those living in the same household are typically excluded.

Apart from the referral bonus, what other promotions does High 5 Casino offer?

  • High 5 Casino provides a welcome bonus, daily login rewards, VIP bonuses, and more.


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