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Illinois Online Casinos revenue November

Quick Intro

In November, Illinois’ casinos collectively generated an adjusted gross revenue (AGR) of $130.36 million, as indicated by the Illinois Gaming Board’s latest data. This demonstrates a notable performance in the state’s gaming sector.

Bally’s Chicago maintained a consistent performance, recording $7.6 million in November, mirroring its October revenue. The casino began operations at its temporary Medinah Temple location in September.

Out of the state’s 15 casinos, five experienced a modest uptick in revenue compared to October.

Rivers Casino Tops Revenue Charts in November

Among the casinos witnessing revenue growth, Grand Victoria Casino stood out with a significant increase. It saw its revenue climb from $11.8 million in October to $12.8 million in November.

Other casinos that reported revenue growth include Rivers Casino, Hollywood Casino Joliet, DraftKings at Casino Queen, and Golden Nugget Danville.

Conversely, six Illinois casinos observed a decline in gaming revenue from October to November, namely Hard Rock Joliet, Hollywood Casino Aurora, The Temporary at American Place, Hard Rock Rockford, Metropolis, and Bally’s Quad Cities.

In addition, Bally’s Chicago, Argosy Casino Alton, Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort, and Bally’s Chicago reported stable revenue figures for the month.

Illinois Online Gambling Revenue November

Illinois Online Gambling Revenue November

November Marks a Rise in Illinois Casino Revenue Both Monthly and Annually

November’s revenue of $130.36 million represented an increase of $1.32 million (or 1.03%) over October, attributed to a larger number of operators contributing to the total revenue.

The revenue in November not only showed an improvement over the previous month but also marked a significant increase compared to the same period last year.

Compared to November 2022, when Illinois had 11 gaming venues generating $114 million in total revenue, November 2023 saw an almost $16 million increase with four additional gaming venues in operation. This growth underscores a positive trend in Illinois’ gaming industry.

What To Expect in Terms of Stats for December at Illinois?

As December unfolds in Illinois, the gaming industry is poised for intriguing statistical trends. Building on the momentum from November’s $130.36 million revenue, December typically brings a festive surge in casino activity. Historical patterns suggest an uptick in gaming as holiday spirits and year-end celebrations draw more visitors to casinos. With Bally’s Chicago stabilizing at $7.6 million in recent months and notable revenue hikes in venues like Grand Victoria Casino, a similar or even greater revenue generation can be anticipated.

Moreover, the increased number of operators compared to last year could further bolster the overall revenue. However, it’s essential to consider factors like economic trends and consumer spending habits, which can influence casino patronage. Overall, December in Illinois is expected to showcase a robust performance in the gaming sector, potentially surpassing the successes of the previous months.

Final Thoughts

November’s results for Illinois’ casino industry, showcasing a modest yet significant revenue increase, reflect a positive trend. The steady performance of Bally’s Chicago and the revenue boosts in several casinos, including Grand Victoria Casino, highlight the sector’s resilience and potential for growth.

With a total AGR of $130.36 million, up from the previous month and substantially higher than the same period last year, Illinois’ gaming sector is demonstrating a strong upward trajectory. As we look towards December, expectations are high for continued growth, driven by the festive season and the increased number of operating venues. This ongoing progress suggests a robust end to the year for Illinois’ casino industry.


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