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Jackpot Planet App

Quick Intro

Jackpot Planet emerges as a distinguished online social gaming platform under the WGames umbrella, now boasting the substantial support of its recent acquisition by Hard Rock Games. This enhancement not only solidifies its market position but also promises an expanded gaming experience for its users.

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2017
  • 🏢 Company: WGames.
  • 💳 Reload Methods:MasterCard, PayPal, and Apple Pay
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Withdrawal: N/A
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: N/A
  • 🎰 Games: Slots

Jackpot Planet Casino App

No Deposit Bonus 6,000,000 Coins

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive Game Selection: With over 100 slot titles, players have a vast array of games to choose from, ensuring a fresh gaming experience every time.
  • Engaging Promotional Activities: Daily login bonuses, chests, and missions provide continuous opportunities for players to earn more coins and XP, keeping the gameplay exciting and rewarding.
  • Exclusive Mobile Experience: Designed specifically for mobile devices, the app offers a streamlined and immersive gaming experience on both Android and Apple platforms.
  • Generous Welcome Bonuses: New players are greeted with a substantial amount of free coins and a unique wheel spin offer, allowing for an extended period of gameplay without any cost.
  • Robust Support System: A dedicated support section with a comprehensive FAQ and the option for live chat ensures that player inquiries are promptly addressed.


  • No Real Money Prizes: The platform is solely for entertainment, with no option for real money wins, which might not appeal to players looking for tangible rewards.
  • Occasional Pop-Ups: Some users may find the occasional pop-ups within the app to be intrusive, slightly detracting from the overall user experience.
  • Locked Games: Most slot games are initially locked and require players to reach certain XP levels to unlock, which might frustrate new players eager to explore the full game library.

Is Jackpot Planet Legit?

Since its inception in 2017, Jackpot Planet has established itself as a legitimate player in the online social gaming landscape. Originating from the creative minds at WGames and now under the expansive umbrella of Hard Rock Games—renowned for their ownership of Hard Rock Casino—Jackpot Planet’s legitimacy is unquestionable. This association not only reaffirms the platform’s credibility but also promises a robust and secure gaming environment for its users, backed by years of industry expertise and a commitment to providing a fun, engaging gaming experience without the pressures of real money gambling.

Jackpot Planet Explained

The platform is tailored for social gaming enthusiasts, offering an array of slot titles accessible without any initial purchase. While it pivots away from real money gambling, focusing instead on pure entertainment, players engage in a virtual economy of gold coins and diamonds to unlock new gaming experiences.

Designed exclusively for mobile users, the Jackpot Planet Casino app is available for download on both Android and Apple devices, excluding desktop access. My personal experience of downloading and initiating gameplay on a tablet was swift, with the entire process taking mere minutes.

Upon first use, players are guided through a comprehensive tutorial, providing a clear overview of the platform’s functionality. Despite the occasional pop-up, which might detract from the user experience, the app’s overall performance is commendable. It boasts a user-friendly interface, where players can manage their Coin, XP, and Diamond balances, explore available and locked games, and engage in missions and chests for additional rewards. The daily chests, in particular, offer a consistent source of Coins and XP, enriching the player’s journey on the platform.

My assessment of Jackpot Planet positions it as a user-friendly app that stands shoulder to shoulder with other sweepstakes casino mobile apps, distinguished by its unique offerings and engaging gameplay. Although the absence of real prizes might be a downside for some, the platform’s entertainment value remains high.

Jackpot Planet App

Jackpot Planet Casino stands out in the digital gaming sphere with its dedicated mobile application tailored for both Android and iOS users. This strategic move ensures a seamless and engaging gaming experience, accessible directly from the palm of your hand. Players can dive into a vast universe of slot games, taking advantage of the platform’s unique features, including daily bonuses and exclusive promotions, all designed to enhance the mobile gaming journey. Whether you’re an Android devotee or an iOS enthusiast, Jackpot Planet Casino brings the thrill of casino gaming to your device.

Jackpot Planet App

Jackpot Planet App

Jackpot Planet’s Generous Welcome Bonuses

Upon joining Jackpot Planet, newcomers are greeted with a unique wheel spin welcome offer, alongside a hefty sum of free coins upon account verification. This initial boon allows players to dive deep into the gaming world of Jackpot Planet, enjoying an extensive play period without incurring any costs. The quantity of coins received from the wheel spin adds an element of surprise and excitement, as the exact amount varies with each spin.

An Overview of Jackpot Planet’s Bonus Offerings

No-Deposit Bonus: Jackpot Planet caters to new players by offering a no-deposit bonus exclusively through its Android app. Simply by downloading the app and logging in, players are awarded a generous 6,000,000 Coins, kickstarting their gaming adventure. Additionally, the bonus wheel presents a chance to accumulate more coins, further enriching the player’s account in a unique and engaging manner.

First Deposit Bonus: While Jackpot Planet operates on a no-deposit model, offering free Coins at signup, players have the option to purchase additional coins. These purchases help players enhance their gaming experience by increasing their coin reserves. The platform offers various discounted packages, allowing players to gain more coins for less, with deals ranging from $2.99 to $49.99. These packages often include extra perks such as HP boosters, providing even more value. To explore the available purchase deals, players can easily navigate to the BUY section within the app.

These bonuses and incentives are part of Jackpot Planet’s commitment to offering a rewarding and engaging gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the fun of casino games without the financial commitment typically associated with online gambling.

Jackpot Planet’s Exclusive Promotions for Existing Players

Jackpot Planet extends an array of promotional offerings that rival traditional online casino incentives. By accumulating XP, players unlock the ability to form Clans and embark on Journeys, enriching their gaming journey. However, achieving these advanced levels and unlocking additional gameplay features requires dedication and time. In the interim, several instant promotions are available to boost your coin reserves or enhance your XP total significantly.

Daily Opportunities to Boost Your Gameplay

Daily Log-in Bonus: Make it a habit to visit Jackpot Planet every day for a chance to spin the bonus wheel, potentially adding a substantial amount of Coins to your account with just one spin. The outcome is always a surprise, adding an element of excitement to your daily log-in routine.

Unlock Treasures with Daily Chests: Each day brings new chests to discover, packed with possible coin and XP boosts. The anticipation of opening these chests adds to the thrill, as each one holds the potential to significantly augment your account balance and experience points.

Embark on Missions for More Rewards: The Missions feature, including the Daily Blitz, presents additional avenues to amass more Coins. By engaging with this feature regularly, you’re introduced to fresh challenges that not only enhance your gameplay but also offer extra rewards for completion.

Advancing through Jackpot Planet’s levels is directly influenced by your XP accumulation, with higher levels unlocking a broader selection of games. Frequent spins and higher bets accelerate your progression, while claiming free chests and purchasing packages can provide valuable XP boosters, further facilitating your advancement within the game.

Game Selection at Jackpot Planet

Jackpot Planet boasts an impressive catalog of over 100 gaming titles, offering a wide array of slot games to its players. This platform is dedicated exclusively to slot enthusiasts, as it does not feature a variety of game types but focuses solely on slots. This specialization ensures a rich and immersive experience for slot game lovers.

Dive into the World of Slots at Jackpot Planet

Slots Variety: At Jackpot Planet, the adventure begins with a selection of accessible slot games. However, the true depth of the gaming experience unfolds as you progress, with most slots initially locked, awaiting your achievement of specific XP levels. This progression system adds an element of challenge and reward, encouraging players to delve deeper into the gaming experience. As you accumulate diamonds, you’re able to expedite your XP level growth, unlocking new and exciting slot titles to explore. An interesting feature allows players to see the current engagement with each slot game, indicated by a personal icon, and to mark games as favorites for easy access by tapping the heart icon.

Among the standout slots available at Jackpot Party, players can find engaging titles such as:

  • Blazing Goddess: Venture into a volcanic island adventure with the goddess leading your way to fiery wins.
  • Hot Rod Heat: Speed through this high-octane slot game, where every spin can bring the thrill of the race and the heat of victory.
  • King Kong: Join the legendary giant ape in a skyscraper-shaking slot game that combines classic cinema with modern slot mechanics.
  • Fire Wilds: Ignite your gaming spirit with a slot that promises explosive action and sizzling rewards with every spin.

These examples barely scratch the surface of what’s available, hinting at the depth and variety of the gaming experience awaiting players at Jackpot Planet. As you elevate your XP level, each new game unlocked brings with it fresh themes, innovative gameplay mechanics, and the potential for big wins, ensuring that the gaming journey at Jackpot Planet remains exciting and rewarding.

Jackpot Planet Casino Lobby

Jackpot Planet Casino Lobby

Real Money Wins at Jackpot Planet Casino

At Jackpot Planet Casino, the opportunity to win real money is not available. The platform is designed purely for entertainment purposes, focusing on providing a fun and engaging gaming experience without the pressure of betting real money. For those interested in winning actual cash or gift cards while enjoying free gameplay, exploring our curated list of the best online sweepstakes casinos might be a better fit. These alternatives offer the thrill of gaming with the added bonus of redeemable rewards, bridging the gap between free play and tangible prizes.

Jackpot Planet’s Banking Options

As a platform dedicated to free-play and social gaming, Jackpot Planet does not necessitate financial transactions for continued play. However, for those looking to enrich their gaming experience further, the platform offers several methods for purchasing additional coins.

Options for Enhancing Your Coin Balance


  • Utilize major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa
  • Opt for Apple Pay for a seamless transaction experience
  • Choose PayPal for secure and convenient purchases

Redemption Policies
Given Jackpot Planet’s status as a free-play social casino, it does not provide mechanisms for prize redemption. The focus remains squarely on delivering an entertaining and engaging gaming experience, free from the complexities of real-money gambling. This approach ensures that the platform remains accessible and enjoyable for all, emphasizing fun and community over financial gains.

Customer Support on Jackpot Planet

Within the Jackpot Planet application, players have access to a dedicated support section leading directly to the assistance center. This area is a repository for frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers, covering a broad range of topics to aid players in finding quick solutions. Additionally, the option to engage in a live chat with the support team is available, though it may require a short waiting period before a response from a support representative is received.

Final Thoughts

Jackpot Planet stands out as a premier mobile social gaming platform, offering an extensive selection of slot games coupled with engaging promotional activities and a generous welcome bonus. While the absence of real money prizes and the presence of occasional pop-ups might be seen as drawbacks, the platform’s focus on a fun and engaging entertainment experience is evident. Overall, Jackpot Planet provides a solid option for players seeking a rich and immersive slot gaming experience without the pressures of traditional gambling.

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