Kansas Sees Impressive 19.09% Spike in Casino Revenue for December Compared to November

Quick Intro

In contrast to November, which saw both yearly and monthly declines in Kansas casino revenue, December proved to be a successful period for the state’s gaming establishments.

The latest report from The Kansas Lottery reveals that the state’s casinos generated a total revenue of $37,442,477 during the past month, marking a 6.83% annual increase and an impressive 19.09% monthly surge.

Year-Over-Year Casino Revenue Comparison

Here’s a breakdown of December 2023 revenue for Kansas casinos:

  • Kansas Star Casino: $14,938,603 (6.83% yearly increase)
  • Hollywood Casino: $14,794,648 (8.73% annual rise)
  • Boot Hill Casino: $4,380,086 (7.20% year-over-year improvement)
  • Kansas Crossing Casino: $3,329,140 (1.23% annual drop)

Monthly Casino Revenue Comparison

Regarding the monthly comparison, all casinos reported increased gaming revenue in December 2023 compared to November:

  • Kansas Star Casino: 24.08% monthly increase
  • Hollywood Casino: 19.04% monthly progress
  • Boot Hill Casino: 14.36% monthly rise
  • Kansas Crossing Casino: 5.95% monthly increase

Kansas Sports Betting Hits New Heights

Furthermore, December saw the sports betting handle reach $259.68 million, with a slight 0.48% monthly decrease but an impressive 48.70% yearly increase. Of this total, $249.10 million came from online sportsbooks, and $10.58 million was generated from retail locations. Sports betting revenue from both retail ($808,961) and online operators ($19.43 million) amounted to $20.05 million, surpassing the previous record of $14.37 million set in October.

Impressive Growth in Total Gaming Revenue

Thanks to the bustling sports calendar in December, the total gaming revenue for the month experienced a remarkable 124.56% monthly rise and an impressive 94.57% yearly growth.

Top Performing Online Operators

The December report by the Kansas Lottery also highlighted the outstanding performance of DraftKings as the most successful online operator during the month:

  1. DraftKings (partnered with Boot Hill): $103.83 million in total bets, $8.55 million in revenue
  2. FanDuel (teamed up with Kansas Star): $86.52 million in betting handle, $7.22 million in revenue
  3. BetMGM (with Kansas Crossing): $22.62 million in total bets, $2.98 million in revenue
  4. ESPN/ex-Barstool (together with Hollywood Casino): $22.61 million in betting handle, $0 in revenue
  5. Caesars (and Kansas Crossing): $11.11 million in total bets, $499,479 in revenue
  6. PointsBet (and its partner Kansas Crossing): $2.41 million in handle, $0 in revenue

These statistics reflect the dynamic and evolving landscape of gaming and sports betting in Kansas during the month of December 2023.

Final Thoughts

The December casino revenue surge in Kansas showcases a promising turnaround from the previous month’s decline, with impressive yearly and monthly increases. Additionally, the record-breaking performance in sports betting and overall gaming revenue signifies a thriving landscape in the state’s gaming industry, setting a positive tone for the future.

Sources: https://www.kslottery.com/media/4180/sports-wagering-monthly-revenue-2023-12.pdf