Konami Gaming Appoints Stephanie Lau as Vice President of Sales Enablement

Quick Intro

Konami Gaming, a prominent developer and manufacturer of casino systems and slot machines, recently announced a significant addition to their executive team. Stephanie Lau, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the gambling industry, has been appointed as the vice president of sales enablement and gaming operations.

In her new role, Lau is set to take a leading position in strategic processes involving analysis, data, and market delivery. Her expertise is expected to be instrumental in enhancing the delivery of top-tier experiences for Konami Gaming’s expanding customer base.

Lau’s career in the gambling sector dates back to 2005, and she comes equipped with a solid educational background, holding a Management Information Systems (MIS) degree, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and International Business from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Throughout her notable career, Lau has been associated with several prestigious companies within the gambling industry. Her experience spans across major resorts like MGM Resorts International and Station Casinos, as well as other significant establishments on the Las Vegas Strip.

With her comprehensive background in both resorts and local venues, working with commercial and tribal operators alike, Lau brings a wealth of knowledge from the sales, data analytics, and business sectors. This makes her an ideal candidate for her new position at Konami Gaming.

The New VP of Sales Enablement Brings Extensive Experience

Jay Bertsch, Konami’s senior vice president and chief commercial officer, emphasized Lau’s nearly two-decade-long journey in the gambling industry. “Her proven track record in gaming analytics, market strategy, product positioning, and customer engagement is set to benefit the esteemed casinos we collaborate with,” he stated.

Stephanie’s nearly 20 years of rich experience in the gaming industry endows her with a unique operator perspective and a data-centric approach, essential for this crucial role.

Jay Bertsch, SVP and CCO at Konami Gaming

This major appointment follows another key announcement by Konami in October, where the company confirmed several strategic personnel shifts to bolster its business partnerships. Konami transferred Josh Faish and Justin Torres to director of sales positions, underscoring its commitment to strengthening relationships with business partners.

Additionally, Konami appointed Rick Tribble, Jeff Fuller, and Caroline Byne as directors of business development. These moves aim to fortify Konami’s business-to-business connections and drive growth across various markets.

Enhancing Market Strategy with Key Appointments

Konami Gaming’s recent appointments, including Stephanie Lau’s as VP of Sales Enablement, reflect the company’s strategic emphasis on reinforcing its market position and expanding its global reach. These appointments are not just about filling roles; they represent a deliberate effort to inject fresh perspectives and dynamic strategies into Konami’s operations, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the gaming industry.

Final Thoughts

Stephanie Lau’s appointment at Konami Gaming as VP of Sales Enablement marks a pivotal moment in the company’s strategic evolution, bringing a blend of experience and innovative thinking to drive its market presence and customer experience to new heights.