Live! Casino Pittsburgh announces the start of a new dealer training program

Quick Intro

Live! Casino Pittsburgh is once again opening the doors to its renowned free Table Games Dealer School, due to the overwhelming response received for the initial session that began in January. This initiative seeks to cultivate a new wave of professionals for the thriving casino industry, highlighting the growing interest in casino careers. The upcoming session, starting on March 4 and running until April 12, offers a comprehensive six-week course designed to immerse participants in the world of casino operations, with training led by experienced and licensed professionals.

The New Program Explained

Located strategically at the Westmoreland Mall, the Dealer School is positioned for easy access, promising an engaging learning environment for all attendees. Offering flexible class schedules from Monday to Friday, with sessions available from noon to 4 p.m. and 4-8 p.m., the program is tailored to fit a variety of schedules, making it an ideal stepping stone for those looking to break into the dynamic casino industry.

Sean Sullivan, the General Manager at Live! Casino Pittsburgh, has voiced strong support for the program, highlighting the success of the January class and the casino’s commitment to facilitating career opportunities in gaming. This dealer training program not only aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills for casino operations but also opens the door to potential employment opportunities at Live! Casino Pittsburgh, although it’s noted that completing the program does not guarantee a job.

This initiative comes at a time when Pennsylvania’s gaming sector is witnessing significant growth, with a reported revenue increase and a booming sports betting market contributing to the state’s economic vitality. Live! Casino Pittsburgh’s investment in the Dealer School program underscores its dedication to community development and professional growth, reflecting a broader trend of innovation and expansion within the state’s gaming industry. As the sector continues to evolve, such educational initiatives are pivotal in preparing individuals for the diverse opportunities available, further establishing Pennsylvania as a key player in the national gaming and hospitality scene.