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Lucky 6 Quick Overview🔎

Lucky 6 SweepStakes positions itself as a gateway to sweepstakes casinos such as GoldenDragon, Fortune2Go, SkillMachine, WebSweeps and Magic City Casino. While this might seem like a convenient solution for users, concerns about the platform’s authenticity have arisen. With a website that raises eyebrows and numerous users alleging scams, the legitimacy of Lucky 6 SweepStakes has come under scrutiny. Due to the cloud of uncertainty surrounding them, we took it upon ourselves to investigate. Dive into our detailed review below or refer to the summarized table for a snapshot of our findings.

Is Lucky 6 Casino Legit?

Determining the authenticity of Lucky 6 SweepStakes LLC is challenging due to the limited information available. Most of the available data consists of disgruntled users labeling them as fraudulent. Here’s a breakdown of what we discovered about Lucky 6 SweepStakes:

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Operating Company: Lucky 6 SweepStakes LLC
  • 🏢 Official Position: Marketing Company
  • 🎰 Associated Casinos: Golden Dragon, Skill Mine, Fortune2Go, Magic City Casino, Vpower, River
  • 💰 Welcome Bonuses: None
  • 💸 Other Bonuses: Not Specified
  • 📱 Mobile: 910-444-0828
  • 📧 Email: lucky6sweeps@yahoo.com
  • 💡 Our Verdict: Highly Suspicious. We advise against using this agent.
    Recommended Alternatives:Sweeptastic, WOW Vegas, Stake.us, Pulsz Bingo

Lucky 6 Bonus Code

🎁Free Sweeps Coins

No deposit offer

Bonus Offers at Lucky 6 Sweepstakes

Lucky 6 SweepStakes remains quite reserved when it comes to openly discussing their bonus offerings. Although their terms & conditions allude to VIP players receiving exclusive benefits, it’s unclear if these perks encompass any form of free money bonus from Lucky 6 SweepStakes.

Given their ambiguity on the matter, it’s advisable to manage expectations. In contrast, casinos like Sweeptastic, WOW Vegas, Fortune Coins, and McLuck not only offer no deposit bonuses but also present a variety of package bundles, setting them apart from platforms like Lucky 6 SweepStakes that don’t provide a no deposit bonus.

lucky6 sweeepstakes casino landing page

Landing Page Lucky 6 Sweeps Casino

Steps to Register at Lucky 6 Sweeps Casino

Initiating a registration at Lucky 6 SweepStakes seems uncomplicated.

  1. Head over to the Lucky 6 SweepStakes website and select the appropriate button to register at your chosen casino.
  2. Complete the registration form by providing all necessary details, ensuring you include a scanned copy of your photo ID.
  3. Anticipate a confirmation email or message from the Lucky 6 SweepStakes team containing your account details.
  4. You can complete these steps on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Eligibility for Account Creation

According to their terms & conditions, Lucky 6 SweepStakes welcomes registrations from individuals aged 18 and above, provided they reside in a region where such activities are lawful. However, determining the legality of their services in your specific state can be a tad tricky.

While many states permit sweepstakes casinos to function under the umbrella of sweepstakes promotions, they must adhere to the “No Purchase Necessary” guideline. It’s worth noting that Lucky 6 SweepStakes doesn’t seem to comply with this principle. As a result, registering through Lucky 6 SweepStakes might be prohibited in your jurisdiction.

registration lucky6

Account Creation Golden Dragon

Lucky 6 Sweepstakes Payment Methods

Lucky 6 SweepStakes primarily facilitates transactions via Apple Pay, Zelle, and Google Pay. However, they do recommend reaching out to them directly, either through a call or text, to get the most recent payment information. Such payment methods are typical for questionable casinos, given the limited possibility of reversing transactions once executed. Notably, CashApp is absent from their list.

While I haven’t personally engaged in transactions with such agents, the modus operandi tends to be consistent. Drawing from user feedback, it seems the deposit process, as described above, is generally smooth.

However, challenges emerge when attempting to withdraw funds. Ideally, players should be able to send a text to request withdrawals, specifying the account details for the transfer, followed by a prompt processing of their request.

Contrarily, numerous complaints have surfaced about Lucky 6 SweepStakes not honoring withdrawal requests. Some users even allege being barred from their accounts upon initiating a withdrawal.

While we can’t definitively verify these claims or ascertain if there were specific reasons behind such actions, potential players should be wary of these concerns when considering registration with Lucky 6 SweepStakes.

payment methods lucky 6 casino

Payment Methods Lucky 6 

Game Selection at Lucky 6 Casino

The exact range of sweepstakes games you’ll encounter largely hinges on your chosen casino. However, it’s worth noting that platforms associated with agents like Lucky 6 SweepStakes typically feature a diverse array of online gaming options. This often includes online slots, fish tables, blackjack, roulette, and poker.

While the caliber of these games can fluctuate based on the platform and specific game, a consistent observation is the relatively low Return to Player (RTP) rate, often dipping below 80%.

For those aiming to gain a favorable outcome from their gaming sessions, it might be worthwhile to explore other sweepstakes casino options.

lucky 6 facebook post

Lucky 6 Facebook Post

Customer Support at Lucky 6 SweepStakes

The effectiveness of customer service at Lucky 6 SweepStakes remains uncertain. They provide an email address and a contact number for user inquiries. However, feedback from users has been varied. While some patrons commend their responsiveness and assistance, others express dissatisfaction, alleging neglect and receiving inadequate guidance. No live chat which is a big disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

Lucky 6 SweepStakes, while presenting a convenient gateway to various casinos, is shrouded in ambiguity. With mixed reviews, potential legal concerns, and questionable affiliations, caution is advised for potential users. Exploring established and transparent alternatives might be a safer bet.

Sites Like Lucky 6:

Is Lucky 6 SweepStakes a legitimate platform?

Unclear due to mixed reviews and limited information.

What casinos are associated with Lucky 6 SweepStakes?

GoldenDragon, Skill Mine, Fortune2Go, Magic City Casino, Vpower, River, among others.

Does Lucky 6 SweepStakes offer any welcome bonuses?

No specific welcome bonuses are mentioned.

Can anyone register at Lucky 6 SweepStakes?

Yes, if they’re 18+ and in a region where it’s legal.

Are there concerns about withdrawals at Lucky 6 SweepStakes?

Yes, some users have reported withdrawal issues and account bans.

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