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Luckubird.io Login

Quick Intro

Luckybird.io is swiftly carving a niche for itself in the Sweepstakes Casino landscape, capturing the attention of online gaming enthusiasts. Once you navigate through the Luckybird.io login, you’re greeted with a plethora of slots from some of the industry’s most renowned game developers. Additionally, the platform boasts exclusive games that are unique to Luckybird.io, ensuring a distinct gaming experience.

Proudly presenting itself as the inaugural sweepstake casino offering games with proven fairness, Luckybird.io doesn’t stop there. It also embraces the modern trend of cryptocurrency transactions, a feature that only the most contemporary social casinos are integrating.

How to Register on Luckybird.io?

The registration process on Luckybird.io is designed for simplicity and convenience. A concise signup form pops up, streamlining the process for potential members. Upon successful registration, newcomers are treated to a welcome bonus, serving as their initial gateway to the vast game library. Here’s a step-by-step guide to joining the casino:

  1. Choose a unique username for your profile.
  2. Set a robust password to ensure account security.
  3. Acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions, confirming you’re of legal age.
  4. Finalize the registration by clicking the signup button.
luckybird.io Signup

luckybird.io Signup

Welcome Offer at Luckybird.io

In line with the customary practices of sweepstake casinos, Luckybird.io extends a warm welcome to its new members with a generous bonus. This bonus facilitates your initial gaming sessions on the platform’s slots and table games.

Upon completing the registration, you’re awarded 1000 Game Coins (Gold Coins) and an additional 0.0100 Sweepstake Cash. While this serves as your initial bonus, the casino ensures that the rewards continue to flow daily.

Additional Bonus Incentives

Beyond the initial welcome bonus, Luckybird.io has devised a system that periodically rewards players, ensuring their balance remains healthy. Regular players can anticipate a plethora of enticing bonuses:

Unlimited Faucet
This innovative feature ensures players receive rewards at intervals of 3-4 minutes. The fact that these rewards are in cryptocurrency form means players can cash out upon reaching the stipulated threshold. To claim these rewards, navigate to the profile menu and select Unlimited Faucet. Complete the capture, keep your hopes high, and anticipate some fantastic rewards.

Refer A Friend Scheme
Luckybird.io, being a community-centric platform, encourages its members to expand its user base. By referring friends, members can earn a commission based on their friends’ gameplay involving Sweepstake Cash. The commission structure is SC wagered x 1% x commission rate. Starting at a 25% rate, this can escalate to 60% if you successfully refer more friends.

Treasure Chests
This unique feature allows players to claim a variety of rewards. Regular players can claim two chests, while VIP members get three. Active participation in chat rooms can also yield treasure chests. These chests can contain Game Coins, Sweepstake Cash, or letter cards. Collecting these cards and completing the given challenge can lead to substantial rewards, especially for VIP members.

Luckybird Treasure chest

Event Content Guidelines

  • First Purchase Bonus
  • Make a single purchase of $10 or more.
  • Wager 2000 SC post-purchase.
  • Upon fulfilling the above criteria, players are entitled to a $20 Bonus!


Luckybird.io is making significant strides in the Sweepstakes Casino domain, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern gaming experiences. With a user-friendly registration process, a generous welcome bonus, and a plethora of additional rewards, the platform ensures both new and regular players are well-catered for. The integration of cryptocurrency transactions and the emphasis on community growth through referral programs further highlight its forward-thinking approach. In essence, Luckybird.io promises a comprehensive and rewarding gaming experience for its members.

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