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Quick Intro

The sweepstakes industry in the US is experiencing rapid growth, primarily due to the restricted presence of real money online casinos. As a result, there’s a continuous emergence of new businesses, platforms, and applications. However, not all of them maintain a clear reputation, with some raising concerns regarding their legitimacy. Today, I’ll be delving into one such platform: Magic City Sweepstakes.

Magic City 777 Sweepstakes, powered by Red Luck Rewards, is a comprehensive software system that encompasses a variety of sweepstakes fishing games, skill-based games, and slot games. While there’s an allure of winning substantial prizes, the credibility and overall quality of platforms under the umbrella of Red Luck Rewards remain dubious. This skepticism stems from their business methodologies and a noticeable absence of transparency. Therefore, I would strongly advise gravitating towards more reputable sweepstakes alternatives, such as Sweeptastic, Stake.us, and WOW Vegas.

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2023
  • 🏢 Company:www.redluckrewards.com/product-page/magic-city
  • 💳 Reload Methods: Cash App, Mastercard, Visa, Crypto
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Rademtption: N/A
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: N/A
  • 🎰 Games: slots, Fish Games

Magic City Casino

🎁 Free No Deposit Bonus

No deposit offer

Pros & Cons


  • An engaging assortment of fish and skill games.
  • Accessible to a broad US audience, excluding Washington, Idaho, and Nevada.
  • Availability of jackpot games enhances the thrill.
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation.


  • Scant details regarding licensing and company background.
  • Absence of customer feedback and reviews, making legitimacy hard to ascertain.
  • Ambiguous details concerning the product’s owner/provider.
  • Game variety is limited when compared to other reputable sweepstakes platforms.
  • Games have not undergone standard testing procedures.
  • Unclear terms and conditions related to bonuses and promotions.

Is Magic City Sweepstakes Casino Legit?

The pressing question remains: Is Magic City 777 Sweepstakes genuinely legitimate? The succinct answer is no. The platform is riddled with opacity, questionable practices, and a plethora of uncertainties, making it challenging to label this online sweepstakes platform as trustworthy. Key concerns encompass:

  1. The subpar quality of both the supplier’s website and the Magic City 777 portal.
  2. The games within the sweepstakes software remain unverified.
  3. A palpable absence of accountability from the supplier.
  4. A glaring deficiency of comprehensive details about the platform and its operational mechanics.

Red Luck Rewards, the entity behind Magic City 777 Sweepstakes, offers minimal insights about the gaming systems they curate, which invariably raises red flags. Based on firsthand observations, both their websites and products exude an untrustworthy aura – nothing about the company or its platforms instills confidence in their legitimacy.

The reliance on third-party platforms like Sweepstake Mobi and Golden Dragons further complicates matters, as it conveniently absolves Red Luck Rewards of any direct accountability and potential legal repercussions. In stark contrast, established sweepstakes casinos like Pulsz and WOW Vegas operate in collaboration with esteemed software developers and adhere to US sweepstakes regulations.

Understanding the Magic City Sweepstakes

Typically, sweepstakes platforms like High 5 Casino and WOW Vegas have a straightforward approach. Users visit the website or app, register an account, receive a welcome bonus, and utilize the free-play currency (commonly referred to as gold coins) to engage in casino-style games.

Additionally, there’s often a premium currency (frequently termed as sweeps coins) which can sometimes be used to access premium games and can always be exchanged for cash prizes at a set rate. This model is the hallmark of genuine sweepstakes casino platforms.

However, Magic City 777 deviates from this norm. It’s essentially a gaming system offered by Red Luck Rewards. Third-party entities, termed as aggregators, lease Magic City 777 from Red Luck Rewards for a specified weekly fee. While Red Luck Rewards manages the hosting and backend operations, the aggregator ensures front-end accessibility.

This arrangement leads to significant opacity and uncertainties surrounding Magic City and its sibling gaming systems like 100 Plus and Fire Kirin, which is a primary reason for our reservations about endorsing it.

No Deposit Bonus at Magic City 777 Sweepstakes

While reputable platforms like McLuck Casino and WOW Vegas invariably offer a no-deposit bonus upon registration, encompassing free-play gold coins and premium sweeps coins, Magic City 777 doesn’t seem to have a similar offering. There might be no-deposit bonuses available through aggregator sites leasing the platform, but these aren’t intrinsically connected to the game itself.

Magic City No Deposit Bonus

Magic City No Deposit Bonus

Promotional Codes & Bonus Offers

Since Magic City 777 Sweepstakes functions primarily as a gaming platform, it doesn’t directly offer promotions or bonus codes. Any promotional activities are solely at the discretion of the third-party aggregator and their marketing strategies.

For instance, the website sweepstakes.mobi, which hosts a version of Magic City 777 Sweepstakes, provides a $50 deposit match bonus upon account creation. However, this isn’t directly affiliated with Magic City. Instead, it’s a general promotion applicable to other hosted games from Red Luck Rewards, such as Fire Kirin, Golden Dragon, and River Sweeps.

In contrast, traditional and trustworthy sweepstakes platforms like McLuck Casino, Stake.us, and Fortune Coins consistently offer some form of sign-up bonus, providing both free and premium currencies. For instance, Stake.US grants 250,000 GC and $25 in sweeps coin upon registration.

Procedure to Establish a Magic City Sweepstakes Account

The process to create a Magic City 777 Sweepstakes account is contingent upon the third-party hosting entity leasing the system. Essentially, users must first register with one of these third-party lessors, such as Sweepstake Mobi or Golden Dragons, to access the sweepstakes system.

This registration typically necessitates sharing basic personal details like name, chosen username, email address, and phone number, followed by acceptance of their terms and conditions.

Magic City Casino Signup Form

Magic City Casino Signup Form

Magic City Sweepstakes Game Selection

Magic City 777 stands out as a diverse gaming platform, boasting a collection of approximately 20+ distinct titles, neatly categorized into two main sections – slot games and fish games. Notably absent are table games and live dealer offerings.

Slot Games
For slot enthusiasts, Magic City 777 does offer a ray of hope with its reasonably good assortment of slot games. The game themes span a wide range, encompassing classic motifs like mythology, wild creatures, oriental designs, and traditional fruit machines. However, a significant drawback is the absence of RNG (Random Number Generator) details related to these games. Furthermore, acquiring any RTP (Return to Player) data proves to be a challenge, leaving us in the dark about the fairness of these games. Some of the standout games at Magic City 777 include:

  • Circus
  • Fortune Gods
  • Mayan Empire
  • Ghost Goblins
  • Classic 777
  • Wild Jokers
  • Fortune God
  • Fruit Frenzy
  • Zombie Awake

Fish Games
Fish table games have garnered immense popularity on sweepstakes platforms, primarily because many incorporate a skill element rather than relying solely on luck. Magic City offers a limited selection of fish games, with Dragon Treasure emerging as a fan favorite. In these engaging games, players can hone their shooting abilities to capture more fish, which subsequently amplifies their potential rewards.

Magic City Casino Slot Lobby

Magic City Casino Slot Lobby

Deposit and Withdrawal Process at Magic City Sweepstakes

If you anticipated a comprehensive breakdown of Magic City’s payment procedures, you might find yourself slightly let down. The recurring theme of scanty information persists, leaving us with minimal insights into the banking intricacies of this Red Luck Rewards gaming system.

Parallel gaming systems, such as 100 Plus, employ unconventional banking methods, necessitating contacting an agent for deposit transactions. This approach raises eyebrows, and it’s plausible that Magic City 777 adopts a similar strategy, potentially incorporating payment avenues like mail cashier checks, Bill Pay, Plastiq, and Wire Transfers.

Magic City Casino Withdrawals
One of the primary attractions of sweepstakes is the tantalizing prospect of securing substantial prizes and converting premium sweeps coins into tangible cash. Despite rigorous research, I struggled to unearth any concrete payout details or redemption guidelines associated with Magic City Sweepstakes. This glaring omission further amplifies the concerns surrounding the transparency of Red Luck Rewards and its affiliated gaming systems.

Customer Support at Magic City Sweepstakes Casino

At Magic City Sweepstakes Casino, customer support appears to be a mixed bag. While the platform promises assistance for players, the lack of clear contact information and direct communication channels raises concerns. Players seeking help might find themselves navigating a maze, emphasizing the importance of transparency in online gaming platforms. It’s always advisable to choose casinos with robust and responsive support systems.

Final Thoughts

Magic City 777 Sweepstakes, while offering a diverse gaming experience, is riddled with transparency issues and questionable practices. The lack of clear information on payments, game fairness, and customer support makes it hard to recommend, especially when compared to more established sweepstakes platforms. Players should exercise caution and consider other reputable alternatives for a more secure and transparent gaming experience.

Sites Like Magic City Casino:

What is Magic City 777 Sweepstakes?

It’s a gaming platform offering a variety of sweepstakes games, powered by Red Luck Rewards.

Is Magic City 777 Sweepstakes legitimate?

  • There are several concerns regarding its legitimacy due to a lack of transparency and questionable business practices.

What types of games does Magic City 777 offer?

  • The platform provides slot games and fish games, with around 20+ titles available.

How do I create an account on Magic City 777?

Account creation is dependent on third-party hosting entities leasing the system, such as Sweepstake Mobi or Golden Dragons.

Are there any bonuses available on Magic City 777?

Bonuses are not directly offered by Magic City 777 but might be available through third-party aggregators hosting the platform.


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