Michigan Takes Firm Action Against Unlicensed Online Gaming Operators

Quick Intro

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has taken decisive regulatory actions against three companies involved in unlicensed online gaming activities. The entities in question are PredictionStrike Inc. from Bay Shore, New York; Sweepstakes Limited based in Limassol, Cyprus; and VGW LuckyLand, Inc. located in San Francisco, California.

MGCB Targets Unlicensed Online Gaming Operators for Regulatory Compliance

In its mission to uphold gaming laws and protect the interests of Michigan residents, the MGCB identified these companies as operating online gaming services without the necessary licensing. PredictionStrike Inc. was found offering internet gaming and sports betting services in Michigan without authorization, while Sweepstakes Limited was promoting an unlicensed online lottery and raffle via its Stake.us platform, accessible to Michigan users.

Emphasizing the importance of adhering to gambling regulations, MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams stated, “Gambling regulations are crucial, and we do not tolerate illegal gambling operations in Michigan.” Williams highlighted the risks unregulated sites pose to citizens, including lack of protection and the diversion of funds from legal, tax-contributing entities that support community development.


Legal Measures Enforced by MGCB Against Illegal Gambling Operators

The MGCB’s enforcement measures stem from violations of essential Michigan gaming legislation, including the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and the Lawful Sports Betting Act, which require licensing for online gaming and sports betting operators.

The Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act further criminalizes unauthorized gambling operations, with potential penalties of fines or imprisonment for violators.

Following the issuance of cease-and-desist notices, the implicated companies have begun to restrict Michigan residents’ access to their platforms. The MGCB continues to urge the public to report any illegal gambling sites, promoting community involvement in regulatory compliance.

The board also offers various resources for responsible gambling, including self-exclusion programs and information on DontRegretTheBet.org, aiming to foster responsible gambling behavior.

In related news, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently reappointed Joni M. Thrower Davis and Andrew T. Palms to the MGCB, ensuring their tenure until December 31, 2027. With Palms entering his 12th year and Davis embarking on her second four-year term, MGCB Executive Director Williams praised their commitment and expertise, expressing confidence in their ability to maintain the board’s stability and effective governance.

Michigan’s Vigilance in Upholding Online Gaming Integrity

Michigan’s firm stance against unlicensed online gaming activities underlines the state’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and legality of its gaming industry. The MGCB’s proactive measures against violators reflect its dedication to safeguarding citizens and ensuring a fair and regulated gaming environment.

Final Thoughts

The MGCB’s rigorous actions against unlicensed online gaming operators in Michigan underscore the state’s determination to uphold gaming laws and protect its residents. This regulatory vigilance, coupled with community involvement and responsible gaming initiatives, strengthens Michigan’s gaming industry’s legal and ethical framework.