Missouri's Casino Revenue Sees 7% Annual Increase in December 2023

Quick Intro

Missouri’s casino industry wrapped up the year on a high, recording $169.1 million in December revenue, a 7% increase compared to December 2022. This boost in December’s revenue was crucial, not just for its monthly significance but also for tipping the state’s total 2023 revenue over the previous year’s total.

Breakdown of December’s Revenue Surge in Missouri Casinos

As December commenced, there was uncertainty whether Missouri’s 13 casinos could generate enough revenue to surpass the 2022 total of $950,046,936. Remarkably, all 13 casinos reported positive growth month-over-month, a rare and noteworthy occurrence.

The revenue distribution among the casinos was as follows:

  • Argosy: $13,797,522 (4% increase)
  • Isle of Capri Booneville: $7,805,951 (6% increase)
  • Century Casino Caruthersville: $4,065,823 (29% increase)
  • Hollywood Casino St. Louis: $21,373,864 (6% increase)
  • Harrah’s Kansas City: $15,571,472 (6% increase)
  • Century Casino Cape Girardeau: $5,993,377 (9% increase)
  • Bally’s Kansas City: $11,898,793 (12% increase)
  • Horseshoe St. Louis: $13,978,955 (7% increase)
  • Ameristar Kansas City: $18,627,703 (12% increase)
  • River City Casino: $21,540,727 (3% increase)
  • Mark Twain Casino: $3,202,742 (3% increase)
  • Ameristar St. Charles: $26,625,747 (5% increase)
  • St. Joseph Frontier Casino: $4,570,250 (16% increase)

Total: $169,052,926 (7% increase)

The most significant percentage gains were seen at Century Casino Caruthersville (29%), St. Joseph Frontier Casino (16%), Bally’s and Ameristar Kansas City (12% each), Century Casino Cape Girardeau (9%), and Horseshoe St. Louis (7%).

In terms of dollar growth, the standout casinos were Ameristar Kansas City ($2 million increase), Ameristar St. Charles ($1.3 million increase), Bally’s Kansas City ($1.2 million increase), and Hollywood ($1.1 million increase). Additionally, all 13 casinos also reported higher revenue in December than in November 2023.

Kansas City emerged as a particular hotspot for growth, with Ameristar and Harrah’s generating approximately $4 million and $3 million more than the previous month, respectively.

Missouri’s 2023 Casino Revenue Contextualized

December’s revenue uplift for Missouri’s casinos was more than just a monthly highlight; it ended a five-month streak of stagnant or negative annual growth. The last time the state saw an annual increase prior to December was in June 2023, with a 2% rise.

The monthly revenue figures for 2023 paint a diverse picture:

  • December 2023: $169,052,926 (7% increase)
  • November 2023: $147,612,440 (1% decrease)
  • October 2023: $150,480,189 (3% decrease)
  • September 2023: $158,565,723 (0% change)
  • August 2023: $156,384,480 (3% decrease)
  • July 2023: $168,470,950 (1% decrease)
  • June 2023: $155,007,981 (2% increase)
  • May 2023: $160,954,587 (2% decrease)
  • April 2023: $167,106,971 (3% decrease)
  • March 2023: $176,832,746 (0% change)
  • February 2023: $156,916,652 (8% increase)
  • January 2023: $153,710,474 (6% increase)

According to the Missouri Gaming Commission’s December 2023 report, the monthly total revenue was the second-highest of the year, trailing just $7 million behind March’s figure. This demonstrates a significant rebound for Missouri’s casinos, especially considering the varied monthly performance throughout the year.

Significance of Missouri Casinos’ Year-End Rally

The end-of-year revenue surge in Missouri’s casinos indicates a robust recovery and resilience in the state’s gaming industry. This rebound not only signifies the industry’s ability to adapt and thrive amidst challenges but also highlights the vital role these establishments play in the state’s economy. The diverse array of casinos contributing to this growth reflects the industry’s broad appeal and its capability to attract a wide range of patrons.

Final Thoughts

Missouri’s casinos have shown remarkable endurance and adaptability in 2023, culminating in a significant revenue increase in December. This positive trend bodes well for the future of the state’s gaming industry, indicating a potential for continued growth and prosperity in the years to come. The success of these establishments is a testament to their appeal and the continued interest in casino gaming among Missourians.