Mohegan Pennsylvania Set to Debut Its Online Casino Platform in March

Quick Intro

Last year, Mohegan Pennsylvania Casino Resort faced a challenge when Unibet, its online casino operator, announced its exit from the North American market by summer. Mohegan’s response was strategic and self-reliant; instead of seeking a new partnership, they chose to develop their online gambling app in-house through Mohegan Digital Services.

Mohegan’s Self-Operated Online Casino Launch Strategy

Mohegan revealed their plans for the online casino to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) during a license renewal meeting. They aim for a soft-launch of their iGaming app on March 18, followed by a comprehensive launch on April 18, which will integrate the casino’s Momentum Rewards loyalty program.

In preparation for the launch, Mohegan plans to engage Unibet’s existing player base, ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform. Doug Harbach, PGCB’s Director of Communications, confirmed that Mohegan won’t require a specific process for launching their online casino, streamlining their transition to a self-operated digital platform.

Mohegan’s Position in Pennsylvania’s Online Casino Landscape

Pennsylvania’s online casino market is competitive, with 10 land-based casinos operating 16 online platforms. Among these, four casinos operate multiple online casinos: Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse runs three, Rivers Casino Philadelphia has three, Valley Forge Resort Casino operates two, and Live! Casino Philadelphia also manages two.

December’s revenue figures for the 16 online casinos reveal Mohegan’s online casino revenue ranks lower in the state, despite its success in brick-and-mortar casino earnings. The Unibet departure presents uncertainties for Mohegan’s revenue. However, it could lead to an initial dip followed by a potential surge, possibly elevating Mohegan closer to competitors like Wind Creek.

Potential Impact of Mohegan’s Online Casino Launch

The upcoming launch of Mohegan’s self-operated online casino represents a significant move in Pennsylvania’s gambling industry. It demonstrates Mohegan’s adaptability and commitment to maintaining a robust presence in the digital gambling space. The success of this initiative could influence other casinos to consider similar in-house digital strategies, potentially reshaping the landscape of online gambling in the state. Mohegan’s transition to a self-managed online platform could serve as a case study for other casinos exploring autonomous digital solutions in the evolving world of online gaming.