NeoGames introduces eInstants for the Georgia Lottery, expanding digital games

Quick Intro

NeoGames has recently introduced its eInstant games to the Georgia Lottery Corporation, broadening the lottery’s online offerings beyond its existing Diggi Games portfolio. Hili Shakked, the managing director at NeoGames Studio, expressed excitement about partnering with one of the US’s most successful lotteries, anticipating that their top-performing eInstant games, already popular in several US states, will further enhance the Georgia Lottery’s online presence.

Expanding Georgia Lottery’s Digital Footprint with NeoGames

Gretchen Corbin, the president and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, welcomed the addition of NeoGames Studio’s eInstants, emphasizing their role in diversifying entertainment options for Georgia Lottery players. She highlighted the significance of Diggi Games in supporting the Georgia Lottery’s goal of increasing funding for the state’s Hope Scholarship and Pre-K programs. Corbin values the partnership with NeoGames in their ongoing efforts to expand and innovate their game offerings.

Moreover, the Georgia Senate has taken a pivotal step towards legalizing sports betting in the state by voting 35-15 to move Senate Bill 386 forward. An additional amendment requiring a November referendum for Georgia voters received a 34-7 approval. The bill, which now heads to the Georgia House of Representatives for further deliberation, proposes the creation of 16 licenses, including ones specifically tied to Georgia sports organizations, seven open licenses, and one for the Georgia Lottery itself. The proposed licensing framework suggests a $100,000 application fee alongside an annual $1 million license fee, permitting each licensee to collaborate with a single sports betting operator.

Enhancing Georgia’s Educational Programs through Lottery Innovation

The introduction of NeoGames’ eInstant games and the potential legalization of sports betting in Georgia are more than just expansions of gaming options. They are strategic initiatives aimed at bolstering the state’s Hope Scholarship and Pre-K programs through increased lottery revenues. By innovating its game offerings and exploring new gambling verticals, the Georgia Lottery Corporation demonstrates its commitment to leveraging entertainment for the greater good, ensuring that gambling activities contribute positively to the state’s educational and developmental goals.