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December Revenue

Quick Intro

December 2023 was a remarkable month for legal online sportsbooks in New York, setting a new record in the amount bettors wagered and lost on their platforms. This achievement not only surpassed previous records but also continued a notable trend in New York’s legal online sports betting scene. With the 2024 NFL playoffs approaching, this trend is likely to continue into the new year.

Record-Breaking Month for New York’s Online Sportsbooks

For New York’s licensed online sportsbook operators, December 2023 was a season of record-breaking success. As reported by the New York State Gaming Commission, December saw the highest gross revenue ever for online wagering in the state. The total win for the sportsbooks stood at an impressive $188.3 million, with the state collecting a record $96 million from it. This figure excludes revenue from physical sportsbook wagering at state casinos.

Although overall monthly revenue, including bets placed at physical sportsbooks, has been higher in the past, December 2023 set a new benchmark for online-only sportsbook win. The previous record was set in October 2023 at $167.3 million.

Throughout December, bettors on New York’s licensed sports betting apps wagered over $2 billion, marking the third consecutive month to surpass this threshold. This maintains New York’s status as the leading state for legal online sports betting. Only November 2023 saw a slightly higher figure at $2.1 billion. This consistent performance suggests that New York is on track to set new annual records for online sports betting activity and revenue.

Surpassing Previous Records in the Current Fiscal Year

The likelihood of a record-breaking fiscal year has been apparent since its commencement in April 2023. The question was the extent of this growth compared to the previous year. From April to December 2023, betting dollars increased by 18.8%, and gross revenue grew by 17.6% over the same period in 2022. Consequently, the state’s revenue share also saw an 18.1% rise.

January’s figures might further amplify this growth, especially with the NFL playoffs underway. The Buffalo Bills’ participation, despite the absence of New Jersey teams, could boost betting interest. If this momentum continues, and sportsbooks match or exceed December’s win total, the new year could begin with another record-setting performance for New York’s online sports betting industry.

Impact of New York’s Record Sportsbook Revenue on Future Legislation

The unprecedented revenue surge in December 2023 for New York’s online sportsbooks could influence future sports betting legislation and regulations in the state. Lawmakers and regulatory bodies might use these record-breaking figures to assess the effectiveness of current gambling policies and consider potential revisions or expansions. This surge in revenue and betting activity could also lead to enhanced responsible gambling measures and further investments in gambling addiction programs. As New York continues to set benchmarks in the sports betting industry, it paves the way for a more robust and regulated betting environment, balancing economic benefits with social responsibility.

Final Thoughts

New York’s online sportsbooks have not only set a new revenue record in December 2023 but have also laid a foundation for potential legislative and regulatory changes. This remarkable performance underlines the growing prominence of online sports betting in the state, offering insights into future industry trends and responsible gambling initiatives.



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