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Quick Intro

OceanKing99.net promotes itself as a complimentary casino site, providing a platform for players to indulge in Ocean King games without any cost. However, our investigation revealed a different narrative. The so-called free sweepstakes site is barely operational, leaving avid fish table enthusiasts with false hopes about enjoying one of the most renowned games of our times.

Regrettably, this is a disappointment for many. However, the silver lining is that numerous trustworthy social casinos are offering riveting fish games that not only allow freeplay but also offer real money rewards. With these alternatives, users can be assured of their safety and security during gameplay.

In this piece, we will delve deeper into our discoveries about OceanKing99 and highlight platforms where you can genuinely enjoy Ocean King games, either for free or for real cash prizes.

A Deeper Dive into Ocean King Game Dynamics

Positioned as a trailblazer in the fish gaming niche, Ocean King is a multiplayer arcade game emphasizing skill. Players venture into aquatic hunting, targeting fishes to secure rewarding multipliers. What sets Ocean King apart is its ability to accommodate 6-10 players simultaneously, surpassing the usual 1-4 player standard.

Each marine creature possesses its multiplier. Successfully shooting or capturing a fish will multiply its value by your bullet’s cost. The larger the fish in the game, the higher the reward, but they also require more bullets to capture. When it comes to ammunition, players have three distinct categories: normal, accelerated speed, and aim-for-target.

The conventional bullet is ideal for smaller, slower fishes. In contrast, the accelerated variant is tailored for swifter aquatic beings. The aim-for-target, as the name suggests, allows players to lock onto high-value or distant targets, optimizing their chances of a successful catch.

For varied gameplay, Ocean King integrates over five distinct game features during its base play:

  • Fast Bombs
  • Fire Storm
  • Lightening Chain
  • Vortex Fish
  • Golden Treasures

Players can also select from Amateur, Junior, and Senior experience levels, ensuring gameplay suited to individual preferences.

While the base play of Ocean King offers an engaging experience, its unique power-ups truly differentiate it, enhancing the chances of winning exponentially. Noteworthy power ups include:

  1. Almighty Octopus – which deploys tentacles to target nearby fish.
  2. Darkness Monster – which releases 7 lantern fish waves to target on-screen adversaries.
  3. Emperor Crab – which utilizes lightning to target fishes.
  4. Fire Dragon Turtle – known to annihilate all surrounding fishes.

Such innovative features ensured Ocean King’s towering success, leading to the creation of two more series and numerous spin-offs. While the original Ocean King has two versions, the subsequent series offer about five versions each, adding minor gameplay variations.

In the vast universe of spin-offs inspired by Ocean King, Emily’s Treasure and Fishing Kingdom undoubtedly reign supreme.

In conclusion, rather than being lured by dubious platforms like OceanKing99.net, we urge players to explore legitimate platforms like those mentioned in this article. Opt for platforms that offer PayPal Fish Games, ensuring a genuine chance to win while shooting fish online.

Playing Ocean King Online: The Real Deal

Before we jump in, let’s address the good and bad news. Starting with the latter, it’s unfortunate that you cannot access Ocean King through any legitimate sweepstakes platform or primary distributor within the US or Canada. On the brighter side, various sweepstakes casinos present alternative fish tables that mirror the advantages of Ocean King, with some even enhancing the experience.

OceanKing99 Fish Game

To guide you, we’ve curated a list of top fish gambling sites along with their standout games for Ocean King enthusiasts.

Fortune Coins’ Version of Ocean King – Emily’s Treasure
Funrize isn’t the sole platform offering alternatives to Ocean King. Fortune Coins introduces Emily’s Treasure, another exemplary fish game that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Emily’s Treasure, inspired significantly by Ocean King, is a multiplayer game accommodating up to four players and showcases over 20 diverse sea creatures. The silver homer fish, golden homer fish, and golden crab are particularly rewarding, promising up to 100x, 120x, and 120x your bullet respectively if successfully captured.

Emily's Treasure

In terms of promotions, Emily’s Treasure surpasses even Ocean King. While the fire dragon bonus in Ocean King annihilates fishes in its vicinity, Emily’s Treasure’s Fire Dragon eradicates every fish on the screen. Players can also relish other promotions like Group of Fishes and the All-At-Once bonus. The game even incorporates a random multiplier bonus, enhancing potential winnings. To assist newcomers, features like auto attack and lock are also integrated into the game.

On Fortune Coins, players can freely play Emily’s Treasure along with various other jackpot slot games. Playing with fortune coins even presents opportunities to secure real money. Begin your journey with a generous 140,000 gold and 800 fortune coins bonus. Moreover, many strategies and cheats can be applied to these Ocean King-inspired games, optimizing your chances of winning.

Funrize’s Ocean King Alternative – Fishing Kingdom
Though Ocean King isn’t featured on Funrize, they present an equally entertaining and rewarding counterpart known as Fishing Kingdom.

Designed by Netgame Entertainment, Fishing Kingdom can accommodate up to four live players simultaneously. Boasting around 12 selectable tables, it offers various competitive levels to suit each player’s preferences. This game is rich with rewarding fish, with the shark, stingray, and homer fish standing out. These creatures provide high payouts of 200x, 150x, and 100x respectively on your current bullet and bet.

Fish Game

Further enhancing the player’s experience are multiple enticing in-game bonuses. For instance, taking down the significant boss fish yields 600x your bullet’s cost and landing hits can fetch up to 75x your bullet. Additionally, the bonus wheel promises a whopping 5,000x your total bet if caught. A unique feature of Fishing Kingdom is the provision of free bullets via its free shot cannon bonus, potentially offering up to 300 free bullets.

With Funrize operating as a sweepstakes casino, players can engage in Fishing Kingdom along with over 50 other casino-style games without any cost. Moreover, they provide tournament coins strictly for entertainment, but also offer promotional entries which players can convert into real money rewards. To kickstart your gaming, they reward new registrants with 125,000 tournament coins and an additional 1,000 promotional entries upon account verification.

Final Thoughts

OceanKing99.net might not deliver on its promises, but legitimate alternatives offer a genuine and enriching gaming experience. Platforms like Funrize and Fortune Coins introduce games inspired by Ocean King, providing both entertainment and opportunities to win real rewards. It’s essential to be discerning and opt for reputable sites when looking to enjoy online fish games.

Is OceanKing99.net a reliable site for playing Ocean King?

No, our research indicates it doesn’t offer a genuine Ocean King experience.

Are there legitimate alternatives to OceanKing99.net?

Yes, platforms like Funrize and Fortune Coins offer legitimate and rewarding fish games.

What are some standout games similar to Ocean King?

“Fishing Kingdom” on Funrize and “Emily’s Treasure” on Fortune Coins are among the top recommendations.


How many players can Ocean King accommodate?

Ocean King can host between 6-10 players simultaneously.

Can I win real money on these alternative platforms?

Yes, many of these alternatives offer opportunities to win real money rewards.

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