Player Hit 1,000,000x at Stakes’ Limbo Game

Quick Intro

Daring to dream big, a player known as Slotshooter22 bravely set their sights on the staggering 1,000,000x win multiplier in Limbo at social casino, a move that paid off handsomely.

A Bold Bet Transforms into an Astonishing Win

In the vast world of online casino gaming, opportunities to secure a win a million times greater than one’s bet are rare, reserved for a few progressive jackpot slots and extraordinary instances like Limbo at Casino. Such astronomical multipliers are seldom seen, yet Slotshooter22 witnessed this rarity firsthand on August 1, 2023.

Slotshooter22 ambitiously targeted a 1,000,000x multiplier, wagering a modest 0.0004 Stake Cash. This strategy allowed for an impressive 2,500 games to be played with just 1 Stake Cash, showcasing the player’s efficient use of their betting funds. Despite the incredibly slim win chance of 0.000099, Slotshooter22’s resilience was rewarded when the game result soared to 1,186,388.84x, comfortably surpassing the target multiplier and granting the player a remarkable 483.19 Stake Cash, directly exchangeable for US dollars on a 1:1 basis.

 Player Hit 1,000,000x at Stakes’ Limbo Game

 Player Hit 1,000,000x at Stakes’ Limbo Game

How to Play Limbo?

Stake Originals are designed for uncomplicated enjoyment, with Limbo being no exception. It offers a straightforward gaming experience accessible to both newcomers and seasoned gamblers alike. Our comprehensive Limbo game guide explores potential betting strategies and features, yet getting started is as simple as:

  • Logging into,
  • Navigating to Stake Originals, selecting Limbo,
  • Setting your Bet Amount and Target Multiplier,
  • Hitting the green Bet button to see the outcome immediately.

If the resulting multiplier exceeds your set target, victory is yours, and the winnings are instantly credited to your account, ready for another round. For those favoring efficiency, Limbo also features an auto mode, allowing for a seamless series of games without the need for constant manual betting.

This thrilling victory by Slotshooter22 not only underscores the potential for immense wins in Limbo but also illustrates the allure and simplicity of Stake Originals, inviting players to chase their fortunes in this high-stakes adventure.