- South Dakota's Gambling Revenue Experiences a Decline in December

Quick Intro

In South Dakota, December witnessed a significant fluctuation in sports betting, with the total handle reaching $1.1 million. This represents a substantial 40% increase from December 2022’s handle of $757,609 and an 18% rise from November 2023’s figure of $967,993.

South Dakota’s December 2023 Gambling Revenue Overview

The state experienced a notable upsurge in table games, with the handle hitting $8.1 million, marking a 26.45% increase from November. The sports betting handle also showed growth, escalating by 18% from November to $1.1 million. However, slot machine revenue witnessed a decline, falling 13.57% from November’s $113.6 million to $98.1 million. Overall, December’s total gambling handle was $107,469,041.93, decreasing by 11% from November but showing an 18% improvement from December 2022.

Analyzing Slot Machines and Table Games Performance

The December 2023 data from South Dakota Gaming Statistics revealed a year-on-year rise in the slot machine handle, although it dropped by 13.57% to $98.1 million compared to November. Table games, conversely, saw a significant jump, with their handle reaching $8.1 million. This marked a considerable 32% increase from December 2022’s $6.1 million.

A detailed look at the table games shows:

  • Blackjack accounted for $3.6 million of the handle.
  • Roulette brought in $296,445.
  • Craps achieved a handle of $611,835.
  • House Banked Poker, the second-highest, recorded $2.5 million.
  • Player Banked Poker summed to $1.0 million.

The Prominence of NFL in December’s Sports Betting

As expected, the NFL dominated South Dakota’s sports betting scene in December, amassing a handle of $576,578. This was a considerable jump from November 2023’s NFL betting handle of $414,744.

The statistical payout for NFL bets stood at $106,373, translating to an average payout rate of 81.55%.

NCAA Football (NCAA FB) trailed, contributing a handle of $251,263. Despite being slightly lower than November’s $293,823, it underscored the varied interests in sports betting.

The NFL’s December handle notably outpaced NCAA FB by 128%.

Other significant sports betting events included the NBA, which added $84,977 to the handle (an increase from November’s $69,776), the NHL with a handle of $20,639, and MMA/UFC contributing $18,646.

Trends and Predictions for Future Gambling Activity

Looking ahead, these fluctuations in South Dakota’s gambling activity suggest a dynamic market with varied consumer interests. The rise in sports betting, particularly with the NFL, and the steady performance of table games indicate a robust gambling culture. Moving forward, it will be interesting to observe how these trends evolve, especially with changing seasons and major sports events. The state’s gambling sector appears poised for ongoing shifts, reflecting broader trends in consumer behavior and preferences in the realm of betting and gaming.