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Quick Intro

Imagine how magical the concept of electricity would appear to our distant ancestors. With a simple switch flick, we illuminate our homes as bright as daylight, navigating our spaces without the cumbersome aid of dim candlelight. In this spirit of electrical wonder, why not join us in exploring Play’n GO’s online slot, Spark of Genius, where we delve into the competitive early days of electric innovation, featuring two pioneers vying to illuminate the Grand Centralized Power Network.

Unfortunatelly this slot game is not available in any of the sweepstakes casinos operating in US market, in general you cannot find Play&Go in any sweepstakes casino.

RTP and Paylines

Spark of Genius is an exceptionally high-stakes game, rated a perfect 10 out of 10 for volatility by Play’n GO’s standards, placing it among the most intense offerings from the developer. This electrifying slot boasts a default RTP of 96.3%, slightly above the norm for this developer, with a betting range spanning from 0.10 cents to 100 sweeps coins per spin.

Set on a dynamic 6×6 grid, Spark of Genius does away with traditional pay symbols, instead utilizing circuit symbols that connect at various points. Wins are generated by forming closed circuits, with payouts increasing with the size of the circuit. A minimum of 4 connected symbols is required to score a win. Successful circuits trigger a cascading mechanism, where winning symbols vanish, and new ones drop to fill the void, continuing until no further wins are possible. Small circuits pay out 0.3x the stake, while massive circuits of 25 or more symbols can yield up to 300x the stake.

Spark of Genius Paytable

Spark of Genius Paytable

Spark of Genius Slot Game Features

Energy Charger Dynamics

The game’s unique Energy Charger feature is divided into Manifest Energy and Resonant Energy, each activated by specific character-linked actions. Maynard Woodrow energizes Manifest Energy, while Tess Jacova stirs Resonant Energy. Charging occurs through winning circuit combinations, activating distinct modifiers upon reaching set thresholds.

Manifest Energy Features

  • Relay: Activated by 15 winning circuits, this feature removes 7 to 11 symbols randomly.
  • Overload: Requires 25 circuit wins, placing 2 to 6 destructive symbols that clear adjacent symbols on the grid.
  • Empire Energy Spin: Achieved after 35 circuits, this places a dormant 2×2 Transformer symbol with a starting x3 multiplier in the grid’s center. It activates when connected to a closed circuit, increasing its multiplier by 1 with each activation, up to x20, and applies to all wins during this free spin. Non-winning cascades trigger Relay and Overload sequentially.

Resonant Energy Features

  • Gyrota: With 15 circuits, rotates 3 to 7 symbols randomly.
  • Dynamo: After 25 circuits, adds 2 to 6 special symbols with four connection points each.
  • Free Energy Spin: Triggered by 35 circuits, grants a free spin where each win escalates the multiplier from x1 up to x20. Non-winning cascades activate Gyrota and Dynamo in sequence.
Spark of Genius Bonus Feature

Spark of Genius Bonus Feature


Spark of Genius not only promises but delivers a thrilling gaming experience with a potential maximum win of 10,000x the stake. Given the single-spin focus of its gameplay, its high volatility might be daunting for some yet perfectly suits thrill-seekers. With its distinctive approach to slot mechanics and the innovative use of an extensive charge meter, Spark of Genius stands out in Play’n GO’s rich portfolio, though its unique play style may not appeal to every player.