Paid Historical Win of 130k SC

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At Casino, a place renowned for its high-volatility slots, a phenomenal win has set a new standard. One lucky player turned a modest wager of 12 Stake Cash (SC) into an astonishing 130,910.40 SC, thanks to the candy-themed game, Sugar Rush 1000, developed by Pragmatic Play.

Celebrating a Mega Win on Sugar Rush 1000

This remarkable victory is a shining example of the thrill that slots can offer. With a bet of just 12.00 SC, the player hit an extraordinary 10,909.20x multiplier, culminating in one of the highest payouts has witnessed this month. Such an event underscores the exciting potential of playing at one of America’s top-rated social casinos.

Deep Dive into Sugar Rush 1000 Slot Game

Pragmatic Play has enhanced several of its beloved slots in what’s known as its ‘1000 Series’, and Sugar Rush 1000 is a standout in this upgraded lineup. This game elevates the traditional slot experience with its vibrant seven-by-seven reel setup and innovative cluster pays mechanism.

When players achieve a win, the winning symbols vanish, triggering a cascade of new symbols that can lead to successive wins from a single spin. This feature, combined with exciting multiplier spots, ensures a dynamic gaming experience.

Dynamic Features of Sugar Rush 1000

Sugar Rush 1000 is packed with engaging features designed to maintain player interest and maximize winning opportunities:

  • Multiplier Spots: This feature adds an exciting layer of strategy to each spin. When a cluster win occurs, the positions behind the winning symbols highlight and, if another cluster win happens in these highlighted positions after a tumble, multipliers appear. These multipliers start at 2x and can double with subsequent cluster wins up to 1,024x. In cases where multiple multipliers are involved in a win, their values are aggregated before being applied, leading to potentially massive payouts.
  • Free Spins: Free spins in Sugar Rush 1000 add another dimension of excitement. Players can earn up to 30 free spins, with the amount determined by the number of scatter symbols landed. During free spins, multiplier spots become sticky, meaning they retain their value throughout the session without resetting after each win. This feature can result in exceptionally high payouts as the multipliers accumulate.
Sugar Rush 1000 Bonus Round

Sugar Rush 1000 Bonus Round


The recent massive win at highlights not only the high-stakes excitement available at social casinos but also the enhanced features that modern online slots offer. Sugar Rush 1000 exemplifies what fans love about slot games: the chance for big wins, thrilling gameplay mechanics, and visually appealing graphics. For both seasoned players and newcomers, Sugar Rush 1000 offers a sweet adventure that’s rich with potential rewards, making it a must-try on your next visit to