Stakelogic Live Appoints Edgars Isajevs as Chief of Live Casino Operations

Quick Intro

Stakelogic, a premier provider of innovative casino games, has strategically appointed Edgars Isajevs as the new head of its live casino division. This move is part of Stakelogic’s ongoing effort to cement its status as an industry leader and to continue providing groundbreaking, immersive gaming experiences. The company, known for its commitment to “innovation and revolutionizing the online gaming industry,” aims to enhance its Live Casino sector under the leadership of Isajevs.

Isajevs Brings Over a Decade of Industry Experience

Edgars Isajevs, the newly appointed head of live casino at Stakelogic, brings with him over 10 years of extensive experience in management, process enhancement, and team leadership within the iGaming industry. His journey includes significant roles in other live casino environments, where he held key positions and contributed to their growth.

Isajevs, who characterizes himself as both “curious and tenacious,” has a history of working with several major players in the industry, including Winfinity, Evolution, and Pragmatic. At Pragmatic, he served as the head of operations before taking on the role of chief operations officer at Winfinity. These roles provided him with profound insights into technology and the nuances of live casino operations.

Between April 2018 and September 2020, Isajevs also managed operations at Evolution Gaming, overseeing overall performance and ensuring adherence to service standards and regulatory compliance. Prior to this, he led operations at Evolution from January 2016 to April 2018.

Isajevs: A Perfect Fit for Stakelogic Live

Committed to elevating Stakelogic Live’s live casino offerings to new levels of technological advancement and organizational efficiency, Isajevs is enthusiastic about his new role. He regards Stakelogic Live as the most forward-thinking game supplier in the industry, especially for its innovative approaches to live casino games.

Stakelogic’s CEO, Stephan van den Oetelaar, quickly recognized Isajevs as the ideal candidate to lead Stakelogic Live after just a 10-minute conversation. The CEO highlighted Isajevs’s passion for gaming and his extensive knowledge of live casino operations, qualities that make him an exemplary executive to bolster their management team.

Final Thoughts

Edgars Isajevs’s appointment as the head of live casino at Stakelogic marks a significant step in the company’s drive towards innovation and leadership in the online gaming sector. His extensive experience and fresh perspective are poised to propel Stakelogic Live to new heights in the competitive gaming industry.