Supremeland Gaming Secures New Jersey License for Content Distribution via EveryMatrix

Quick Intro

Swedish-American slot game innovator, Supremeland Gaming, has announced its strategic move into the New Jersey market in collaboration with EveryMatrix. This partnership signifies a significant milestone in Supremeland Gaming’s ambition to broaden its reach within the United States, underscoring New Jersey’s pivotal role in the online gambling sector.

Expanding Horizons with EveryMatrix

Rickard Öhrn, CEO of Supremeland Gaming, expressed excitement about the company’s entry into New Jersey, viewing it as a crucial step in their U.S. expansion efforts. “The authorization to operate in New Jersey marks a pivotal moment for us, allowing us to introduce our innovative slot games to a market at the forefront of online gambling in the U.S.,” said Öhrn.

Through this partnership, EveryMatrix will facilitate the distribution of Supremeland’s proprietary online slots, promising New Jersey players a unique gaming experience filled with rich graphics and enticing bonus offers.

Erik Nyman, President of EveryMatrix Americas, highlighted the potential of Supremeland’s games to resonate with New Jersey’s online casino audience. He elaborated on EveryMatrix’s strategy to nurture high-quality games on its platform for distribution, emphasizing the uniqueness and anticipated player appeal of Supremeland’s gaming content. “We believe the unique bonus features and high-quality design of Supremeland’s games will set a new standard in the U.S. market,” Nyman stated.

Capturing the US Online Casino Market

The timing of Supremeland Gaming’s New Jersey debut is opportune, given the recent surge in the state’s gambling revenues. January 2024 saw a remarkable 9.3% increase from the previous year, with a total revenue of $559.9 million, highlighting the state’s thriving gambling industry.

This venture into New Jersey marks Supremeland Gaming’s second foray into the U.S. market, following its initial entry into Pennsylvania. This expansion is a testament to Supremeland’s commitment to extending its footprint in the lucrative U.S. online casino scene.

February also saw EveryMatrix solidifying its presence in the U.S. by entering Pennsylvania, marking its fifth online casino market in the country.

Since its launch in November 2023, Supremeland Gaming has quickly captured the attention of players worldwide, with its game offerings now available in diverse regions including Canada, South America, Europe, and Mexico. This expansion into New Jersey with EveryMatrix is expected to further cement Supremeland Gaming’s position as a key player in the global online slots market.