Two Caught After Armed Theft at New York Gambling Spot in Queens

Quick Intro

In July last year, a violent armed robbery at an unauthorized gambling venue in Flushing, Queens, resulted in the arrest of two individuals by FBI agents. Jamel Berry of Astoria and Zhong Wang, a Chinese national, stand accused of orchestrating an attack that left one victim with gunshot injuries.

Violent Encounter at Queens Gambling Venue Results in Serious Injuries

The crime occurred on the evening of July 19, 2023. Berry, alongside Wang and two other suspects who remain at large, invaded the clandestine gambling establishment on Avery Avenue. In preparation for the robbery, Wang is alleged to have cut the power supply to the building, facilitating their criminal intent, as reported by the Astoria Post.

The assailants attacked one person with a metal pipe and used a firearm to intimidate the patrons, ultimately escaping with around $3,000. Their departure was marked by gunfire, hitting an unintended victim in the abdomen, who was later treated at New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital and fortunately survived.

Surveillance footage obtained by investigators shows Berry, Wang, and their associates gathering near the gambling den before the heist and hastily leaving the area afterward.

Legal Consequences for Astoria Resident and Chinese National

At a Brooklyn federal court session, it was contended that both Berry and Wang represented significant flight risks. The prosecution highlighted Wang’s connections to China and the potential difficulty in extraditing him due to the lack of a formal treaty between the United States and China.

As a result, the court ordered Wang’s remand in custody, while Berry was subjected to home detention awaiting trial. Despite their pleas of not guilty and ongoing discussions regarding possible plea agreements, both face serious legal challenges ahead.

Berry is no stranger to the criminal justice system, having been convicted in 2020 for attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

This incident underscores the persistent issue of illegal gambling venues in areas like Flushing, which continue to draw the attention of criminals. Despite law enforcement’s efforts to dismantle these operations, the enticement of clandestine gambling proves a persistent problem, complicating the task of ensuring community safety and deterring criminal activities.

The Persistent Challenge of Illegal Gambling Operations

The armed robbery in Flushing brings to light the enduring issue of illegal gambling dens that pervade urban neighborhoods, attracting criminal activities and jeopardizing public safety. Despite rigorous law enforcement efforts to eliminate these underground establishments, their allure remains undiminished among those seeking quick financial gain. This incident not only highlights the dangers associated with illegal gambling but also underscores the necessity for continued vigilance and comprehensive strategies to combat these hidden hubs of criminal activity effectively.