Wazdan unveils an ambitious plan for Q2 2024

Quick Intro

Wazdan, a developer celebrated for creating some of the most enriching casino game experiences worldwide, has laid out an ambitious blueprint for the second quarter of 2024. This plan highlights a continuous flow of innovative slot releases designed to enhance player engagement and satisfaction.

In line with its dedication to pioneering new gaming solutions, Wazdan is set to enrich its portfolio with fresh additions to the celebrated Coins™ and Extremely Light series, alongside exciting updates to several fan-favorite slots. This strategy underscores Wazdan’s commitment to both innovation and environmental sustainability, aiming to offer players unique gaming experiences that also resonate with eco-conscious values.

Expanding the Coins™ and Extremely Light Series

The expansion of the Coins™ series will see the launch of 30 Coins™ on May 8th and 36 Coins™ on May 29th, offering players new levels of engaging gameplay and the chance to uncover hidden treasures within these slots. Additionally, the Extremely Light series welcomes Power of Gods™: Valhalla Extremely Light and Power of Gods™: Medusa Extremely Light, scheduled for release on May 23rd and July 3rd, respectively. These additions not only promise to deliver thrilling gameplay but also contribute to Wazdan’s efforts in promoting more sustainable gaming practices.

Revitalizing Popular Slots with New Editions

Wazdan is also set to introduce new versions of beloved gaming experiences, incorporating some of the developer’s most innovative features. The journey begins with Mighty Wild™: Panther Grand Gold Edition on April 26th, followed by Mighty Wild™: Panther Grand Platinum Edition on June 26th. These updates are poised to breathe new life into these classic titles, offering players enhanced features and an even more immersive gaming experience.

Andrzej Hyla, Wazdan’s Chief Commercial Officer, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming quarter:

After kicking off the year with exciting new releases and a significant rebranding effort, we’re now focusing on further expansion and continuous commercial growth. Our strategy involves enriching our game portfolio with innovative titles, extending our Extremely Light series, and reintroducing player favorites in a new, updated format. We remain dedicated to providing our partners with inventive casino experiences that stand out in the competitive iGaming landscape.

As Wazdan moves into the second quarter of 2024, its forward-thinking approach to game development and its commitment to player satisfaction and environmental responsibility are more evident than ever. Through the introduction of new titles and the update of classic favorites, Wazdan is set to continue its trajectory of growth, ensuring that players have access to unique and rewarding gaming experiences.