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Quick Intro

WebSweeps.net emerges as a fresh online free casino, falling under the bracket of either a social or sweepstakes platform. While our team is accustomed to meticulously evaluating sweepstakes casinos, deciphering WebSweeps has proven to be quite challenging. The platform claims to offer an array of free online gaming options like slots, table games, jackpot sessions, wheel spins, keno, and shooter games, all developed by InBET, with the lure of winning real cash prizes. However, questions remain concerning its legitimacy, safety protocols, and its standing as a lawful free casino for U.S. residents.

Despite our dedicated review team investing extensive time into understanding WebSweeps, they encountered difficulty obtaining pivotal details. The online sphere offers limited content regarding Web Sweeps Casino. Thus, we’ve relied heavily on our own extensive expertise, combined with what’s visible on WebSweeps.net, to present an insightful, comprehensive analysis of this operator.

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2022
  • 🏢 Company: N/A
  • 💳 Reload Methods: N/A 
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Rademtption: 5 SC
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: 0-72 hours
  • 🎰 Games: slots, table games, jackpot sessions, wheel spins, keno, and shooter games

WebSweeps Casino

🎁 Free 100 Fun Points No Deposit Bonus

No deposit offer

Pros & Cons


  • Games supported by InBet, including slots and shooter titles
  • No mandatory sign-up or login needed for gameplay
  • Progressive jackpots available in all games
  • Consistent daily bonus offers and promotions
  • Diverse game themes catering to various player preferences


  • Absence of customer assistance
  • No clear method to sign up or log in
  • Limited information about the company’s background
  • Games might not be entirely fair
  • Unclear details about game RTP and volatility.

Is WebSweeps Casino Legit?

Our interactions with WebSweeps have yielded manifold concerns. As we delve deeper into the specifics in our review, here’s a condensed list of the prevailing issues that lead us to question the authenticity of Web Sweeps as a genuine online casino:

  • Unrestricted game access for all, devoid of mandatory login or verification; a potential gateway for minors and unauthorized gambling endeavors.
  • Absence of transparent company particulars or accessible terms and conditions to elucidate WebSweeps’ modus operandi.
  • Missing specifics regarding games, notably RTP and volatility metrics.
  • APK download transpires instantaneously, devoid of requisite confirmations or clarity on the software components being installed.
  • Content parallels between WebSweeps and dubious platforms like https://7skills.net, https://skillgamesonly.com, further intensifying our skepticism. Our observations insinuate potential utilization of unauthorized games.

The final observation is pivotal. InBet stands recognized as a reputable software entity. By virtue, one would deduce WebSweeps’ authenticity due to its association with InBet. Yet, our analysis suggests that the showcased games may not be the original offerings.

WebSweeps Casino: A Deep Dive

  • More than 100 games powered by InBet software : Scarce company background details
  • No mandate for registration or login to commence gameplay – Registration for an account seems impossible
  • A gift of $100 in free virtual credits : Ambiguities surround currency-related specifics
  • Diverse range of skill-based and shooter games : Absence of clear banking-related information
  • Blend of classic and contemporary slot designs : Non-existent customer support mechanism
  • Quartet of progressive jackpots spanning all game categories :Suspicions of unoriginal/potentially pirated software
  • Streamlined categorization in the primary game lobby : Striking similarities to platforms like SkillMachine.net
  • Array of bonus promotional codes for player benefit : Apparent connections with Riversweeps

Accessible to residents across all U.S. states

Many of the attributes associated with WebSweeps are similarly found in other sweepstakes casinos. However, the subsequent platforms are known to be both secure and legally compliant. Hence, we’d strongly recommend setting up an account with these trustworthy alternatives over WebSweeps Casino. They not only offer genuine opportunities to win real cash prizes but also showcase games comparable to those at the questionable WebSweeps, yet these come from certified and regulated software developers.

Consider our handpicked selection of licensed and esteemed sweepstakes and social casinos:

  1. Sweeptastic: Avail 27,777 GC + 2 SC absolutely FREE!
  2. WOW Vegas Casino: 5,000 WOW Coins on Sign-up + 300% First Purchase Bonus
  3. Stake.us Casino: 10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash + 5% Rakeback
  4. Fortune coins: 360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
  5. Pulsz Casino: up to 367,000 GC + FREE 32.3 SC
Licensed Casinos

Licensed Casinos

What Exactly is WebSweeps?

Web Sweeps emerges as a cost-free online casino, bearing resemblances to platforms known as social casinos. Here, participants employ virtual credits, enabling them to delve into casino games and slot adventures without expending real-world money. In the American context, such platforms are tagged as sweepstakes casinos. They operate using two distinct virtual currencies: sweeps coins and gold coins.

While the former can be acquired for actual money, they don’t intrinsically have monetary worth. Sweeps coins, conversely, are bestowed as bonuses and can be redeemed for real-world currency, maintaining a rate of $1 for every 1 SC. This distinct framework positions sweepstakes casinos, including WebSweeps, distinctly from conventional real-money gambling platforms, thereby making them compliant across all US states, Washington being the sole exception.

Despite the genuine and legal foundations of this operational model, WebSweeps appears to have an ambiguous stance when it comes to terms and conditions. Such documentation should ideally delineate the currency specifications and operational guidelines. Consequently, we are left in a quandary regarding the precise currencies they utilize and their respective values.

The Procedure to Register on WebSweeps?

Embarking on your journey with WebSweeps is arguably more hassle-free than many other online casino counterparts. WebSweeps eliminates the need for mandatory registration or login prerequisites to enjoy their free gaming array. As an incentive, users receive a fun balance worth $100, facilitating gameplay across diverse titles using a unique guest code as a surrogate for a username.

An alternative approach entails logging in through designated credentials – a username and its corresponding password. Yet, the absence of a dedicated registration segment implies the impracticability of enjoying the platform as a recognized member of the Web Sweeps Casino universe.

Every fun point one accrues is convertible to 100 complimentary credits, applicable for the diverse gaming options available.

WebSweeps Casino registration Form

WebSweeps Casino registration Form

WebSweeps and Their No Deposit Promotional Codes

  1. WebSweeps Casino Promotional Code | Not Mandated
  2. No Deposit Reward | $100 in fun-play credits
  3. Introductory Purchase Bonus | Currently Unavailable
  4. 🇺🇸 Accessibility | Admissible for individuals aged 18 and above across all US states, barring
  5. Washington (though not explicitly mentioned)
  6. Additional Offers | Happy Hours, Top-up Bonuses, Referral Incentives, Complimentary Spins

On visiting WebSweeps, participants are graced with a no-deposit, no-registration perk. This is represented in fun points, equivalent to $100. Activating games transforms your fun points into free credits, adhering to a conversion rate of 1 FP equating to 100 FC. Therefore, this no deposit bonus from WebSweeps can be perceived as a lavish 10,000 free credits reward.

The platform doesn’t necessitate promotional codes or logins to avail of this. The omission of these fundamental steps further clarifies why there’s no discernible WebSweeps introductory offer, which would typically involve a deposit or specific actions – such as account verifications or social media linkages.

WebSweeps Welcome Bonus

WebSweeps No Deposit Bonus

WebSweeps Casino Welcome Bonuses

When you step into the WebSweeps domain as a new player, there’s a handy “bonus info” tab adjacent to your guest account, waiting for your click. Dive in, and you’ll unveil the tapestry of daily bonuses and promotional offers exclusive to WebSweeps. Each tantalizing offer comes with a base reload bonus rate, but there’s a cherry on top! During select periods known as happy hours, these rewards get a significant bump. From Monday right through to Sunday, players are treated to:

  • A 25% deposit match capped at $500 or an even more enticing 50% match up to $500 from 18.00 – 21.00 LA timezone.

WebSweeps Casino further rolls out the red carpet with additional promotions like free spins designated for specific slot games and even some for merely downloading their app.

  • The crown jewels in their bonus treasury include a 200% match bonus subject to a 7x wagering condition and a whopping 300% match bonus, which comes with a 9x wagering obligation.

Here’s a sigh of relief for many: Players don’t need to juggle around with any WebSweeps bonus codes to seize these deals. But, do remember, a humble deposit of $5 sets the stage for availing all the aforementioned offers.

Welcome Matching Bonuses at WebSweeps

Welcome Matching Bonuses at WebSweeps

Navigating the WebSweeps Casino Landscape

At first glance, WebSweeps might not dazzle like some high-end online casinos, but it certainly mirrors the vibe and layout typical of contemporary sweepstakes casinos, say, Funrize for instance. Right at the pinnacle of their homepage, you’ll spot essential elements like the login portal, your guest account overview, a snapshot of the bonus info, and even the current time and date.

Journeying a tad below, a suite of primary categories greets you. These are your gateways to the games, the Android application, jackpot details, and the treasure trove of bonuses. Next in line, a visual display of the four active jackpots across all game genres awaits, with the recent victors’ names proudly showcased underneath.

Your gaming escapades start right beneath, all tucked under a comprehensive tab. For ease of navigation, there’s an array of categorized sorting options:

  • New Entrants
  • Crowd Favorites
  • Timeless Classics
  • Fruity Adventures
  • 8 Liner Games
  • Enchanting Irish Themes
  • Jackpot Pursuits
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Wheel of Fortune Bonus
  • Spooky Halloween Specials
  • Keno Extravaganza
  • Varied Line Games

Though these might seem a tad whimsical, this is where the trail ends, barring the exhaustive list of games. Both desktop aficionados and mobile enthusiasts can enjoy the site seamlessly. Most games are versatile, fitting various formats, including the Web Sweeps APK optimized for Android devices. IOS loyalists, fear not! The WebSweeps mobile casino site is your playground.

WebSweeps Casino Interface

WebSweeps Casino Interface

The Gaming Palette of WebSweeps Casino

InBet, a renowned name, is the driving force behind the extensive catalog of complimentary games at WebSweeps, barring the unique fish shooting escapades. WebSweeps’ internal team masterfully crafts the latter, spotlighting real-time player counts engaged in the aquatic battles. Remember, these fish shooting games are multiplayer adventures.

Beyond this niche, WebSweeps primarily offers a tapestry of slot machines. Themes vary, encompassing Fruits, Irish folklore, Halloween spooks, Egyptian wonders, Cops chasing Robbers, and much more, diversifying in gameplay, bonuses, and paylines (ranging from 1 to 243).

Jackpot enthusiasts, behold! Two titles, reminiscent of the classic Vegas slots – “Buffalo Spirit” and “Flaming 7s“, are at your service. Interestingly, all games come fitted with four progressive jackpots, kickstarting at:

  • Silver Gleam = $25
  • Golden Shine = $100
  • Dazzling Diamond = $500
  • Premium Platinum = $1,000
WebSweeps Casino Lobby

WebSweeps Casino Lobby

The Authenticity of WebSweeps Casino Games

While InBet might not have the brand recall of stalwarts like Microgaming or Playtech, it enjoys a formidable reputation. Given that a majority of WebSweeps’ offerings are InBet’s brainchildren, it’s crucial to weigh InBet’s pedigree to gauge the platform’s integrity.

A glance at their website showcases validations from BMM, GLI15, GLI19, and iTech Labs – all attesting to the fairness and legitimacy of InBet’s creations. Additionally, they operate under a Curacao license. Normally, these credentials would instill confidence. However, there’s a hunch that WebSweeps might not be hosting the genuine InBet titles. Authentic titles would conform to certain standards, like showcasing company details, RTP, game volatility, and rules. Hence, our suspicion leans towards WebSweeps games potentially being skewed.

Purchases & Redemptions

When dissecting a sweepstakes casino, one pivotal aspect is understanding the mechanics of funding your digital wallet and acquiring sweep packages. In the sweepstakes lexicon, the term ‘purchase’ replaces the traditional ‘deposit’ since players procure coin bundles as opposed to depositing actual money.

‘Redemptions’, the sibling of ‘withdrawals’, manifest once players amass a specific volume of sweeps coins. These often mirror the initial purchase methods. Be prepared for account verification rituals, especially before inaugural purchases or redemptions.

Web Sweeps remains mysteriously silent on the specifics of sweeps packages, endorsed payment mechanisms, or stipulations for redemptions. While we can speculate that major debit and credit card modes might be entertained, the platform hasn’t inked this in black and white.

Customer Support

In an era where digital platforms, especially casinos, usually flaunt live chat, email, and phone support as the gold standards for user assistance, Web Sweeps is glaringly absent on this front. Their silence is deafening, especially for novices who might be navigating the choppy waters of online gaming. Be it redeeming coins, unraveling promotional mysteries, embarking on the platform, or laying claim to hard-earned winnings, you’re left to your own devices, with no helpline in sight.

Final Thought

WebSweeps Casino presents itself as a promising platform, offering a variety of games and bonuses. However, the lack of transparency, questionable authenticity, and the absolute absence of customer support raises concerns about its legitimacy. Players are encouraged to tread cautiously and consider more established and transparent platforms for their online gaming adventures.

Sites Like WebSweeps Casino:

What is WebSweeps Casino?

  • It’s a free online casino that resembles social casinos, allowing players to engage in casino games using virtual credits.

Do I need to register to play at WebSweeps?

  • No, WebSweeps eliminates mandatory registration, allowing you to play games using a unique guest code.

Are there any bonuses at WebSweeps Casino?

  • Yes, there’s a no-deposit bonus of $100 in fun-play credits, alongside daily bonuses and promotional offers.

Is WebSweeps Casino accessible across the U.S.?

  • It claims to be accessible for individuals aged 18 and above across all US states, except for Washington.

How is the customer support at WebSweeps Casino?

  • WebSweeps does not offer any form of customer support, leaving users to navigate on their own.


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