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WildWorld Casino is a rising star in the world of online social gaming platforms. With a unique blend of excitement, security, and convenience, it’s quickly becoming a favorite among players seeking a thrilling yet safe gaming experience. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about WildWorld Casino, from its game offerings to its exclusive bonuses, games and everything you need to know about WildWorld Casino .

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2023
  • 🏢 Company: IGW Wild World LLC.
  • 💳 Reload Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, PayPal, AMEX
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Rademtption: $10
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: 1-5 working days
  • 🎰 Games: Slots, Table games

WildWorld Casino

🎁 FREE SC’s+GC’s on Signup

No deposit offer

Pros & Cons


  • Wide Game Selection: With over 680 games including slots, table games, progressive jackpots, and video poker, players have a diverse range of options.
  • Generous Bonuses: Offers over 60 million free Sweepstake Coins, exclusive first-time offers, and VIP weekly bonuses.
  • Accessibility: Available on PC, Mac, or mobile devices through web browsers, allowing for easy access without downloads.
  • Reputable Game Providers: Games from well-known providers like Evoplay, Habanero, and Booming Games.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Responsive and professional support available via email and live chat.
  • Redeemable Prizes: Players can redeem prizes through Sweepstakes Coins, including cash and gift cards.
  • Secure Payments: Accepts secure payments from leading providers without additional fees.



  • Redemption Limitations: Restrictions on prize redemption requests, with payments taking up to 10 days, and location-based limits.
  • Processing Fee for Cash Prize: A processing fee may apply when claiming a cash prize.
  • Age and Jurisdiction Restrictions: Only allows players who are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in their jurisdiction.

WildWorld Casino Overview

  • Address: 614 N Dupont Hwy, Ste: 210, Kent County, Dover, Delaware, 19901, USA
  • Game Providers: Evoplay, Habanero, Spade Gaming, Nektanhermes, Booming Games
  • License: Play-for-fun website intended for amusement purposes only
    Age Requirement: 18 years or the age of majority in the player’s jurisdiction
  • Games Offered: 680 slot games including slots, table games, roulette, blackjack
    Players: Over 100,000
  • Customer Support: 24/7 via email and live chat
WildWorld Casino Home page

WildWorld Casino Home page

Is WildWorld Casino Legit?

Yes, WildWorld Casino is a legitimate online social gaming platform. Owned and operated by IGW Wild World LLC, it operates as a play-for-fun website intended solely for amusement purposes, without offering real-money gambling.

The casino is registered at 614 N Dupont Hwy, Ste: 210, Kent County, Dover, Delaware, 19901, USA, and adheres to legal age requirements, allowing only players who are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in their jurisdiction.

With over 100,000 players, a wide selection of games from reputable providers, and 24/7 customer support, WildWorld Casino has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable platform for those looking to enjoy casino-style games without the risk of real-money gambling.

Game Selection


WildWorld Casino offers an impressive selection of over 680 games, and the slots section is particularly rich. With exciting titles like Mystery Fortune Deluxe, Naughty Girl, October Fest, and Necromancer, players can enjoy a wide variety of themes and features. Whether you prefer classic 3-reel slots or modern 5-reel video slots, WildWorld Casino has something for everyone.

Table Games

For those who enjoy classic casino favorites, WildWorld Casino offers a variety of table games, including Blackjack and Roulette. These games are available in multiple variations, providing players with endless opportunities to test their skills and strategies.

Progressive Jackpots

Adding to the excitement are two slot games that share the same progressive jackpot. This unique feature allows players to compete for potentially life-changing winnings, making every spin a thrilling experience.

Video Poker

If you’re looking for a strategic gaming experience, WildWorld Casino’s selection of video poker games is sure to please. With various styles and rules, video poker offers a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.

WildWorldCasino GamePlay

WildWorldCasino GamePlay

WildWorld Casino Currencies Explained

WildWorld Casino operates with two main virtual currencies: Sweepstakes Coins (SC) and Gold Coins (GC).
Sweepstakes Coins are used to play the casino’s various games and can be obtained for free through various promotions and activities, such as email verification and daily Spin wheel. They provide a way to enjoy the casino’s offerings without any purchase necessary.
Gold Coins are another virtual currency used within the platform, often linked to exclusive offers and bonuses. Like Sweepstakes Coins, they can be obtained through special promotions and provide additional opportunities for gameplay.
Together, these two currencies enhance the gaming experience at WildWorld Casino, allowing players to engage in exciting casino-style games without real-money gambling.

Bonuses and Promotions

No Purchase Necessary

WildWorld Casino is known for its generosity, offering over 60 million free Sweepstake Coins without any purchases. This allows players to enjoy the excitement of casino-style games without spending a dime.

Exclusive First Time Offer

New players can try the platform by taking advantage of free sweepstakes coins and gold coins. By completing simple tasks like email verification and daily Spin wheel, newcomers can start playing right away.

Free VIP Weekly Bonuses

For the loyal players, WildWorld Casino offers Cash, Spins & more for platinum and diamond VIPs. These bonuses mimic the awards that traditional brick-and-mortar casinos offer to their valued customers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

WildWorld Casino Spin Wheel

WildWorld Casino Spin Wheel

Payment and Customer Support

WildWorld Casino boasts the fastest checkouts, accepting secure payments from all leading payment providers without additional fees.

  • Visa, Mastercard
  • PayPal, Skrill
  • AMEX,

If players have any questions or concerns, they can reach the 24/7 customer support team through email and live chat. The support team is known for its responsiveness and professionalism, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Redeem Prizes at WildWorld Casino

WildWorld Casino offers players the opportunity to redeem prizes through their Sweepstakes Coins (SC). Here’s a brief overview of how the redemption process works:

Eligibility: Only SC that have been played at least once in a Sweepstakes Game can be redeemed.
Cash Prize: Players with at least 100 qualifying SC can claim a Cash Prize of $1.00 USD per SC. A processing fee may apply.
Gift Card Prize: With at least 25 qualifying SC, players can claim a Gift Card Prize at the same rate as the Cash Prize.
Taxes and Fees: Players are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees.
Conditions: Verification checks, matching names on payment methods, and security measures must be met before redemption.
Limitations: Only one prize redemption request can be processed within 48 hours, and payments may take up to 10 days. Limits apply based on location and amount.
Non-Transferable: SC are non-transferable, and no substitutions will be made.


Accessibility is a key feature of WildWorld Casino. The platform is accessible through web browsers on PC, Mac, or mobile devices, with no downloads required. This ensures that players can enjoy their favorite games anytime, anywhere.


WildWorld Casino is a standout in the social gaming industry, offering a play-for-fun experience without the opportunity for real-money gambling. With a vast selection of games, generous bonuses, and top-notch customer support, it’s no wonder more and more players are choosing WildWorld Casino each day.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned player, WildWorld Casino’s blend of excitement and security makes it a must-try. Sign up today and take advantage of their exclusive first-time offers to get started on your gaming journey.

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What is WildWorld Casino?

  • WildWorld Casino is an online social gaming platform offering over 680 games, including slots, table games, and more, for amusement purposes only.

How can I get Sweepstakes Coins (SC) and Gold Coins (GC) at WildWorld Casino?

  • SC and GC can be obtained for free through various promotions, email verification, and daily Spin wheel.

Can I redeem prizes at WildWorld Casino?

  • Yes, players can redeem Cash Prizes and Gift Card Prizes through their Sweepstakes Coins, following specific eligibility and conditions.

What types of games are available at WildWorld Casino?

  •  WildWorld Casino offers slots, table games, progressive jackpots, and video poker, with over 680 games available.

Is WildWorld Casino accessible on mobile devices?

  • Yes, WildWorld Casino is accessible through web browsers on PC, Mac, or mobile devices, with no downloads required.

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