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WOW Vegas Casino

Quick Intro

Searching for information on the enticing bonuses provided by Wow Vegas Casino for its players? Dive into the depth of one of the most comprehensive promotional frameworks found in the sweepstakes casino arena. In this enlightening guide, we’re determined to delve into each available bonus in thorough detail, ensuring that you are well-informed and primed to maximize benefits from the diverse offers readily available to you. We are committed to revealing what awaits you in their splendid offers, maintaining clarity and transparency throughout the discussion.

Wow Vegas Casino Promotions

Embarking on a journey to unravel the vast variety of bonus types offered by the social casino? At Wow Vegas Casino, players are lavished with a diversified range of bonus options, such as daily bonuses, robust jackpots, and rewarding friend referral programs, to merely scratch the surface. Let’s meticulously explore each one, ensuring you capture every enticing detail.

Upon registering, a welcoming hand extends a complimentary 5,000 Wow Coins + 1 Sweepstakes Coin to kickstart your exhilarating journey. In the subsequent two days, you’re endowed with a total additional bonus of 3,500 Wow Coins + 3.5 SC. Further, we’ll meander through the other alluring promotions from which you can derive benefit.

WOW Vegas Bonus Offers

WOW Vegas Bonus Offers

Refer a Friend

Exploring the abundant generosity of Wow Vegas? Engage in their Refer a Friend offer by dispatching a unique referral link to your friends who might harbor an interest in partaking in Wow Vegas’s offerings. In doing so, you’re rewarded with 5,000 Wow Coins + 20 Sweepstakes Coins. Do note, it’s imperative that your referred friend makes a Wow Coins purchase of at least $15 to activate the bonus, with a limit of extending invitations to 30 friends.

Refer a Friend Leaderboard

Extending the friend referral incentive, Wow Casino amplifies your potential winnings through the Refer a Friend Leaderboard. Ascend in ranks by referring more friends, enhancing your potential to win up to a staggering 2,000 Sweepstakes Coins for securing the first place.

WOW Vegas Reffer a Friend

WOW Vegas Reffer a Friend

Daily Login Bonus

Every distinct 24-hour period, a bounty of free Wow Coins + Sweepstakes Coins can be claimed. Navigate to the Promotions page, open the bonus, and assertively click the Claim button to secure your daily treasure.

Daily Email Competition

Fancy amplifying your daily SC winning opportunities with a mere click? Engage in the Daily Email promotion, simply by navigating to the “Promotions” page, initiating the promotion, and clicking “Send Email”. A prompt email will grace your inbox, to which you reply with “OPT IN” and voila! Wow Vegas daily bestows 3 Sweepstakes Coins upon 100 random participants, notifying winners via email.

Mail Request

The ceaseless river of free SC offers from Wow Vegas flows on! The Alternative Method of Entry accords you with additional free coins through a traditional mail post request. Engage by scrolling down on the “Promotions” page to the footer, click the instruction link, and after entering your username and email, you’ll receive a detailed email on how to dispatch an envelope and garner 3 free Sweepstakes Coins.

Thursday Thriller

Every Thursday, 20 fortunate players will divide up a prize pool of 2,500 Sweepstakes Coins. Participate by playing one of several exciting games and aim for the highest possible multipliers.

Easter Sunday Prize Drop

Upon logging in on Sunday, engage in one of several games for a chance to seize a portion of 1,000 Sweepstakes Coins.

Lunchtime Loot

Carve out time during your midday pause to vie for a jackpot of 1,000 Sweepstakes Coins, valid between 12 pm and 3 pm ET.

Magic Monday

Ignite your week by contending for a portion of the 2,500 Sweepstakes Coins prize pool. Simply select games within the Magic Mondays category and play from 6pm – 12pm ET.

Book of Wins

On Tuesdays from 6pm till midnight ET, spin the reels of select games in the Book of Wins category and compete for a 2,500 Sweepstakes Coins jackpot.

Mega Wednesday

Midweek, enhance your sweepstakes wallet by competing for a 2,500 SC jackpot, available from 6pm to 12pm.

Discount Welcome Packs

New players receive an exclusive welcome offer, with discounts ranging from 50% to 66%, depending on the chosen bundle.

Daily Coin Boost

Every day, 5 random players are endowed with 5 times more coins. Each purchase earns you an entry into the promotion, and if you’re among the chosen, you receive 5x the purchased Wow Coins and complementary Sweepstakes Coins.

Spin to Win

On Saturday, visit the jackpot lobby to vie for a portion of the 2,500 Sweepstakes Coins prize pool, available from 6 pm – midnight ET.

10K Friyay

Make Friday thrilling by partaking in the contest where 10,000 Sweepstakes Coins are distributed among 78 rewards, accessible from 6pm to 12pm.

Wake Up & Win!

Morning enthusiasts can merge their coffee with potential winnings of the 1,000 Sweepstakes Coins jackpot, distributed among the top 9 leaderboard players.

Sugar Spins Sunday

If competitive spirit grips you, battle against others on the leaderboard and possibly claim your share of the 2,500 SC.

The Wowzer Jackpot

Daily, immerse yourself in select games for a chance to win a portion of the 25,000,000 WC pool or 2,500 SC, with rewards in both Wow Coins and Sweepstakes Coins.

Social Media Promotions

Wow Vegas bestows additional free coins via social media channels. Participation typically involves tagging friends, sharing posts, and more.

In this thorough guide, we’ve intricately discussed all available bonuses, aimed at ensuring you are ably informed and equipped to maximize the plentiful opportunities offered by Wow Vegas Casino. Enjoy the vibrant world of bonuses and may luck perpetually grace your gaming adventures!

Final Thoughts

As we encapsulate our deep dive into the myriad of bonuses and promotional activities provided by Wow Vegas Casino, it’s transparently clear that the platform is truly a haven for players seeking an abundant and varied bonus landscape. From the initial enticing welcome bonuses to the intricate web of daily, weekly, and specialized promotions, Wow Vegas comprehensively blankets its players in opportunities to augment their playing experience and potential winnings. Navigate through each bonus, explore every promotion, and plunge into the effervescent world of Wow Vegas Casino, armed with the insights from this guide. Wishing you luck and enchanting adventures on your forthcoming casino explorations!


How do I activate my Welcome Bonus at Wow Vegas Casino?

Simply register and your account will automatically be credited with 5,000 Wow Coins + 1 Sweepstakes Coin. Additional bonuses follow over the next two days.



What is the condition to trigger the Refer a Friend bonus?

Your referred friend must purchase Wow Coins worth at least $15 for both of you to receive the bonus.



How do I participate in the Daily Email Competition?

Navigate to the “Promotions” page, click “Send Email” in the Daily Email promo, and reply to their email with “OPT IN”.


Are there any time restrictions for the daily and weekly promotions?

Yes, many promotions, like Magic Monday and Lunchtime Loot, have specific time frames during which they are active. Always check the times listed in each offer.


Can I participate in multiple promotions at the same time?

Yes, you can engage in multiple promotions, as long as you meet the specific requirements and time frames for each.

May your ventures through the effervescent worlds of Wow Vegas be thrilling and your spins ever in fortune’s favor!










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