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WOW Vegas Casino VIP Star System

Quick Intro

Undoubtedly, our enthusiasm always peaks when we have the chance to inform our cherished readers regarding the latest, innovative features emerging from the most prospering social casinos available today. WOW Vegas, inaugurated in the year 2022, has rapidly carved out a notable reputation for itself as a reliable and premium-quality free online social gaming platform, assuring its users a spectacular gaming adventure.

At the moment, this eminent sweepstakes casino brings to the table an abundant assortment of more than 370 slot games, ensuring an engaging and equitable gaming environment throughout the platform.

Our attention today is riveted on a new and noteworthy feature, dubbed the “Star System.” Acknowledging the critical importance of this feature, which seamlessly intertwines with WOW Vegas’s VIP & Loyalty Program, we believed it merited an all-encompassing guide, specially curated for our readers.

Before we delve deeper into the guide, let’s provide a brief overview of WOW Vegas for those yet unfamiliar with the platform.

Why to Play at WOW Vegas?

Indeed, WOW Vegas is creating quite a stir among both sweepstakes enthusiasts and respected independent reviewers spread across the digital sphere. The predominance of conversations radiates positive energy, mirroring the escalating intrigue in this social gaming platform.

The palpable excitement surrounding the brand sparked our interest, motivating us to navigate and compile a meticulous review of WOW Vegas.

Through thorough testing and probing almost all available features and data concerning the casino, we’ve reached a conclusion. WOW Vegas emerges as one of the most optimistic free social gaming platforms within the US market.

The platform has experienced numerous refinements, embracing a range of offers, games, and features. Evidently, a committed team operates diligently behind the scenes at this online sweepstakes venue, propelling its development and dedication to the user experience.

Now, let’s shift our focus towards the Star System, offered by WOW Vegas, exploring its potential value, and whether it represents a feature with significant purpose, strategy, and fairness.

Diving into the Star System at WOW Vegas?

The Star System at WOW Vegas is a versatile feature that extravagantly rewards active members. It emerges as an impeccable fit for those harboring a competitive spirit, offering a route to achieve the apex rank – “Hosted.”

A prime highlight of this system is its inclusivity – each player is automatically registered. There’s no requirement for an invitation from a VIP manager or selection contingent on purchases.

The moment you commence playing, you’ll accrue 1 Star for every 50 SC wagered on sweepstakes slots. Note, however, that only SC contribute to your star accumulation.

Moreover, for those inquisitive minds, the casino has announced on its platform that the team is actively working on incorporating additional methods for players to accumulate stars beyond just wagering SC.

WOW Vegas Star System

WOW Vegas Star System

A Comprehensive Guide to Star System Features

Within the VIP and loyalty program of the sweepstakes gaming platform, there exist six Star Ranks:

  • Rising (lowest rank)
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Hosted (highest rank).

Ascendancy in rank translates to enhanced perks. Let’s embark on an exploration of all prevalent features within the system and discern whether the Star System is worthy of your spins.

WOW Vegas Star System Table

WOW Vegas Star System Table

Spotlight on Customer Support

While 24/7 customer support might appear as a standard feature in sweepstakes casinos, only the most reputable and trustworthy social gaming platforms genuinely allocate resources to providing robust support. WOW Vegas proudly aligns itself among those who prioritize customer support.

Although a live chat feature is presently absent, the ticket system adeptly manages user inquiries. However, it’s pertinent to note that responses to most common queries can be identified on the exhaustive FAQ pages.

Thus, we suggest perusing through these information-dense pages for a more expedient resolution before opting to create a support ticket.

A Panorama of WOW Vegas Games

Reiterating from earlier, the casino boasts a selection exceeding 370 slots with no imposed restrictions; users are free to indulge in any game without needing to unlock them based on star level or purchases. The casino guarantees equitable opportunities for both free and purchase-friendly players.

Extra WOW Coins with Every Purchase

This perk unfolds as a splendid opportunity for players desiring to maximize their stakes and thoroughly explore their favorite slot titles. WOW Coins emerge as the ideal medium for this aim. They serve as an exemplary tool for exploring every game on the platform, even at the minimum stakes.

Considering the expansive array of slots at WOW Vegas Casino, it’s conceivable how many Sweepstakes Coins you’d require to trial them all for free.

With the Extra WOW Coins on each purchase, you seize the opportunity to explore freely and identify the game that aligns best with your preferences.

Regular Discounted Coin Packs

Accessible to players possessing a Blue Star ranking and above, this feature delivers exactly as it promises. Qualified players can access coin packs at a discounted rate, effectively reducing the cost of play.

In theory, this elevates the player’s advantage over the social gaming platform, making gameplay more economically efficient. It’s a practical feature that injects genuine value into the gaming experience.

Monthly Bonus

The Monthly Bonus is an additional incentive that appears in players’ accounts each month, available to those with a Bronze Rank and above. Regrettably, at the time of writing this guide, specific details regarding the monthly amount each eligible rank receives are not provided on the platform.

Nonetheless, we assure you that we will update this information as soon as it becomes accessible on the platform. The Monthly Bonus presents itself as another captivating feature of the Star System, enhancing the overall gaming experience for dedicated players at WOW Vegas.

Daily Login Reward

The Daily Login Reward feature introduces a dash of casual gaming, akin to mobile games, to WOW Vegas; it infuses an element of fun without neglecting the real prizes at stake.

With this feature, players are greeted with daily rewards, ranging from SC 0.30 for Rising Star players to a generous SC 5.00 for those at the Hosted Star level. Depending on the level, players will also receive complimentary WOW Coins varying from 1,500 to 50,000.

Upon achieving a certain rank, you’re assured free Sweepstakes Coins, equating to free spins, every single day! This paves the way for immense rewards and endless fun for those who make it a habit to login daily!

Final Thoughts

WOW Vegas, with its Star System and VIP & Loyalty Program, certainly presents an absorbing and potentially lucrative sweepstakes gaming platform.

Exhibiting an extensive assortment of slot games alongside a diverse selection of bonus features, the platform grants players numerous avenues for entertainment and rewarding experiences.

Notably, WOW Vegas has implemented features to its platform that enrich the user experience for both free and purchase-friendly players, ensuring a balance that promotes fairness and excitement across the board.


How does the Star System at WOW Vegas work?

Players automatically accrue Stars as they play, with 1 Star earned for every 50 SC wagered on sweepstakes slots, facilitating progression through six Star Ranks each offering unique perks.



Are all players eligible to participate in the Star System?

Yes, all players are automatically registered in the Star System and start earning Stars from their first play, without needing special invitations or making purchases.



What benefits can I expect from ascending in Star Ranks?

Ascending through ranks like Rising, Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hosted, you gain enhanced perks such as Daily Login Rewards, Monthly Bonuses, discounted coin packs, and more, depending on your rank.


How can I obtain customer support at WOW Vegas?

 Customer support is accessible through a ticket system, with priority support available for Gold and Hosted star levels. Common queries can often be resolved by visiting the FAQ pages.


Can I try slot games with WOW Coins before wagering Sweepstakes Coins (SC)?

Yes, you can utilize your WOW Coins to explore and play different slot titles to identify your preferences before wagering SC.










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