Wynn Resorts Raises Resort Fees in Las Vegas

Quick Intro

Reflecting an industry-wide trend, Wynn Resorts has announced a hike in resort fees for its Las Vegas locations, affecting how much visitors will spend during their stay.

Resort Fees Climb to $50 at Wynn Resorts

Starting January 24, 2024, Wynn Resorts will implement a new daily resort fee of $50 plus tax for bookings made from that date forward, as reported by The Las Vegas Review-Journal. Reservations made before this announcement will be honored at the previous rate of $45 plus tax per day.

Resort fees, a staple in Las Vegas’s accommodation scene, cover an array of services aimed at enhancing the guest experience. At Wynn Resorts, this fee grants access to amenities such as Wi-Fi in rooms, fitness center and pool entry, spa and golf reservations, digital newsstands, and in-room Alexa entertainment and control systems.

This fee increase occurs against the backdrop of fluctuating accommodation prices in Las Vegas, highlighted by a significant drop in hotel rates around Super Bowl Sunday. Despite potential concerns for those mindful of their travel budget, Wynn Resorts is dedicated to preserving the high standard of amenities it provides, amidst changing economic conditions.

Travelers to Las Vegas will now need to account for these increased resort fees when planning their budgets.

MGM Resorts Also Raises Fees Amid Las Vegas Trends

Following suit, MGM Resorts adjusted its resort fees in January across several Las Vegas properties, setting a new rate of $50 at locations such as Bellagio, Aria, and others. This adjustment, effective January 16, 2024, represents a daily increase of $2-3.

The rationale behind resort fees is multifaceted, aiming to keep advertised room rates competitive while covering essential services. This strategy comes as Las Vegas resorts navigate post-COVID market dynamics and competitive pressures, striving to balance supply with demand.

During a February visit to Las Vegas, President Joe Biden highlighted the issue of hidden fees, including resort fees, pledging to tackle these “junk fees” that burden American travelers. While specific strategies for addressing these fees were not detailed, Biden’s commitment to reducing travel costs for families is clear, building on his broader agenda to promote transparency and affordability in consumer pricing.