Yggdrasil Collaborates with ReelPlay to Launch King Arthur 10K WAYS

Quick Intro

Yggdrasil, a prominent name in the iGaming content world, has unveiled the latest slot sensation from ReelPlay, titled King Arthur 10K WAYS. This 6×4 slot game, brimming with adventurous themes, leverages the innovative WAYS IP feature to enhance player experience.

Game Structure

Set against the legendary backdrop of Camelot’s castle, King Arthur 10K WAYS invites players into a realm filled with knights, royal figures, and wizards. These characters serve as the game’s primary symbols, alongside the golden chalice, which acts as the wild symbol.

The game employs ReelPlay’s 10K WAYS mechanic, where winning combinations are removed from the reels to make way for new symbols cascading down. This feature enables a continuous flow of potential winnings, as each new victory triggers another set of symbols and further win opportunities.

The legendary Excalibur sword is innovatively represented as a two-symbol-high scatter, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.

Gameplay and Bonuses

Triggering the free spins round requires landing three or more scatter symbols. In this round, players are introduced to unlimited win multipliers, significantly amplifying their chances of substantial rewards.

During these free spins, a counter resets with each appearance of a new full-view scatter. Each spin concluding with a fully visible scatter can award players up to 100x their bet, further enhanced by the active win multiplier.

Yggdrasil’s chief gaming officer, Mark McGinley, emphasized the game’s combination of ReelPlay’s renowned mechanics and a captivating journey through British mythology. McGinley highlighted the enticing elements of the unlimited multiplier and the substantial cash prizes awaiting players.

Echoing these sentiments, David Johnson, ReelPlay’s CEO, lauded the game’s exceptional art and sound design. He also praised the innovative integration of double-sized symbols in a 10K WAY game format, marking a significant development in the gaming experience.

A Mythical Adventure in Slot Gaming

King Arthur 10K WAYS offers players a unique blend of historical legend and modern gaming technology. Its combination of visually striking themes and innovative mechanics provides a fresh take on the classic slot game experience, immersing players in a world of Arthurian legends.

Final Thoughts

King Arthur 10K WAYS stands as a testament to Yggdrasil and ReelPlay commitment to blending rich, mythical storytelling with cutting-edge gaming technology. This slot game not only entertains but also offers players a new way to experience the legends of King Arthur and his knights.