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Quick Intro

Dive into the realm of progressive jackpots and enthralling bonus games with Gold Frontier, a captivating video slot that offers a thrilling adventure with its 20 pay lines spread across a 5-reel, 3-row layout. This low-volatility game boasts an RTP ranging between 94% and 90.5%, alongside a maximum win multiplier of x1,265, ensuring a blend of frequent wins and the chance for substantial payouts.

Gold Frontier sets itself apart with its impressive array of five progressive jackpots, each starting at a substantial base amount, with the premier jackpot kicking off at an impressive €15,000. The excitement doesn’t stop there; the game is packed with up to three distinct pathways leading to the coveted free spins and two innovative bonus games, one of which offers potentially unlimited rounds, promising wins of up to x100 per round. This wealth of features makes Gold Frontier not just another slot game, but a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Unraveling the Gold Frontier’s Bonus Extravaganza

Gold Frontier distinguishes itself with its five progressive jackpots and a trio of bonus games that enrich the playing experience beyond the usual free spins. Here’s a breakdown of these exhilarating features:

Progressive Jackpots Galore
The game is built around five escalating progressive jackpots, each displayed above the reels and differentiated by color for easy tracking:

  • Blue Jackpot starts at €40
  • Violet Jackpot begins at €200
  • Green Jackpot opens at €600
  • Orange Jackpot commences at €1,500
  • Red Jackpot, the crown jewel, starts at a generous €15,000

These jackpots grow incrementally with each bet, promising payouts that can soar up to anticipated amounts of €108, €500, €600, €4,000, and an astounding €30,000, respectively. The chance to hit one of these jackpots increases with higher bets and they are exclusively winnable during the Free Spins mode.

Pick & Click and Treasure Chests Game
Dive into the Pick & Click game initiated by landing two scatters, offering players a choice between cash prizes, a random Jackpot Key, 10 Free Spins, or triggering the Treasure Chest Bonus game. The Treasure Chests Game, accessible via the Coin Toss feature or the Pick & Click game, invites players to choose from three chests, each harboring cash rewards or a Jackpot Key, providing an almost endless opportunity for wins until an empty chest is selected.

Jackpot Free Spins
Gold Frontier offers multiple routes to trigger Free Spins, which not only pave the way to jackpots but also amplify regular wins with a x3 multiplier. Collecting five Gems of identical color or utilizing features like the Coin Toss and Pick & Click games can initiate this mode. It’s even possible to claim all five Jackpots in a single Free Spins round, though no additional Free Spins can be earned during this mode.

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot Game Base Game

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot Game Base Game

Final Thoughts

Gold Frontier isn’t just a quest for gold; it’s a comprehensive slot experience designed for jackpot hunters and enthusiasts of engaging gameplay. With a starting jackpot of €15,000 and no cap on the prize amount, players have a chance to aim for colossal wins. The addition of the potentially endless Treasure Chests Game, along with a guaranteed win multiplier in Free Spins, ensures every moment in Gold Frontier is filled with anticipation and excitement. Ready to embark on this golden adventure?